Monday, January 2, 2012

My badge of honor?

I had mentioned a few days ago that my toenail had started to feel a bit "off" after my 10 mile long run a couple of weekends ago. Well, this past weekend I noticed that the toenail had started to change color to a greyish tone. It hasn't turned black yet, and I don't think it will change colors completely but for a lot of long distance runners it's considered a "badge of honor." The condition is a subungual hematoma, basically a pooling of blood under the nail from some type of trauma. You'd get the same thing from dropping something heavy on your toe or slamming you fingers in a car door. For runner's it's not uncommon to hear it referred to as "runner's toe." I had managed to get nearly 5 months without this happening while the husband has 4 toes affected and lost a toenail already in the same time frame. I think mine resulted from running in thicker socks that I've used in the past. I've moved back to my old DeFeet Levitator socks which are pretty thin. That seems to have taken care of the problem, but I think that the next time I buy shoes (sometime this summer), I'll go a full size up rather than just half a size. That should allow me to wear a thicker sock next fall & winter.

Now I didn't set out to get runner's toe, especially because I do like my pedicures, but stuff happens. Do I consider it a badge of honor? Not really, just a fact of life. I'm just gonna have to hang tight and see what happens with this toenail. I'm pretty sure that it's going to be ugly for a while but that's a runner's life. As long as it's a rare occurrence rather than a regular thing, I guess I can deal.

Oh yeah, I know I have ugly feet...just deal with it!! lol! ;)

Oh, one more fail on finishing the month's cooking today. Will try again tomorrow. :(

100 Days Challenge:

Day 2: Attended Run-Cycle class at the YMCA
  • 22 minute run on treadmill (1.83 miles)
  • 24 minutes of cycling/spinning
What I Ate Today:
  • Lowfat Chocolate Milk - 12 oz
  • Homemade French bread pizza on a white Bolillo roll with pepperoni (10 slices each half), Monterey Jack/Colby cheese (2 c total), pizza sauce (½ c)
  • Non-fat Lactose Free Milk - 24 oz
  • G2 - 40 oz
  • Beef stew - 1½ c
  • Sourdough Boule - 3 slices from a small loaf

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