Sunday, January 29, 2012

Flying with Tinkerbell!

Me, my purple hair and
my finishers bling
I did it! I finished my first half marathon! One down and six more to go this year. It was a great experience from the online training with Team in Training, to learning the science of running from the ground up, to meeting some 30+ new friends in person from my Tinkerbell HM Facebook group to running the race from start to finish with of my new friends.

I didn't have the tears of joy at the finish line that a lot of people have talked about, but I did have a great sense of accomplishment at finishing at 2:51:17...8+ minutes faster than my practice run a month or so back. So now, I have an official PR for a half marathon! The course was nice, with only a few overpasses/hills and for the most part was flat. I've definitely got the bug and can't wait for my next half at the end of February. No traveling for that one hardly as it's down in Roswell, NM...just 1½ hours from home. So, that's going to be it for now. I'm getting ready to head to Disneyland!! :D

I'll try to update this more later tonight! Got things to do, places to see and characters to visit with!  ;)
My running partner, Melanie, and I.
Starting line courtesy of Tony Conticelli from the
Tink HM Facebook Group.

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