Friday, January 20, 2012

For what it's worth...

My brain is a little scattered for some reason today so this post may not make a lot of sense...but here we go anyway!

Two pieces of good news so far today: 

1) SOPA/PIPA were pulled from consideration for the time being. That doesn't put censorship of the internet as something in the past, so we have to keep our ears to the ground and listen/watch for new legislation being put forth as a alternative to SOPA/PIPA. Hopefully, whomever writes it actually takes time to consider all aspects and the potential effects.

2) Son got a job as a network administrator out in Tempe. Of course, he has not told me the details, but at least it's a job he wants to do.

Other stuff:

1) I'm freaking out a bit about my upcoming race. Can't find things I want to bring/wear, the packing list for my carry on is 4 times longer that what I have for the checked baggage. Can't find my camera. I've got so much cleaning to do since the daughter and you boy friend are going to house sit over the weekend. Thinking about upgrading the old man to my old Droid X...but he hardly uses his phone as it is. Worried that I'm going to forget something that I really need. But, darn it...I've planned where we're having just about every meal while we're in Anaheim!! Including a 2 mile walk (one way) to L & L Hawaiian BBQ for our first meal in Cali!! See...I'm pinging just a little about this whole journey. *le sigh*

2) I'm wanting to join the Half Fanatics Club...minimum requirements for entry at the lowest level: 2 half marathons within a 16 day time frame or 3 half marathons within a 90 day time frame. I can do the 2nd option by adding the Pecos Valley Stampede to my race schedule on 2/25. Hmmmm...OMG...I'm turning into a run monster!! I hope it's just not a mania coming on...Not that it would be a bad thing during my race! lol.
100 Days Challenge:
  • Run/Cycle/Run class at YMCA
    • 0.96 mile run on treadmill in 11:39 
    • 16:30 spin/cycle session 
    • 1.37 miles run/walk on treadmill in 17:55
What I Ate Today:
  • 40 oz G2
  • 48 oz water with lemon
  • Bacon Swiss cheeseburger from Baby J's Grille
  • French fries
  • French bread pizza
Made my 80oz fluid intake goal for today!! Yay!!

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