Friday, January 13, 2012

Dog park review & a dedication to a runner lost


First off I'll start with my review of the Hillcrest Dog Park here in lil' ol' Clovis, New Mexico. The park is located at Hillcrest Park and on part of the property that was the old municipal golf course. The park is just east of the old pool complex and clearly identifiable by all the cyclone fencing. There is a sidewalk leading to the area from the parking lot that leads up to a display board and the posted dog park rules. The small dog area (<30#) is to the right and the large dog area (>30#) to the left. The entrances to the areas consist of a double gate, do be careful though because these gates are new they don't always shut all the way by themselves so be sure to pull them closed behind you. The small dog area is located in the vicinity of an old green which appears to be in the process of being torn out and has quite a few trees on the west side. The large dog area is mostly open with a few trees along the southwest edge.  Right now the only amenities that are present are some old fire hydrants from the golf course which have been placed randomly throughout the runs. We happened to be checking out the park while a crew and the assumed designer were there putting up the hydrants. We were told that there would be watering stations near the south border of both areas and the benches were being put in soon In addition, there will be five poop bag (for lack of a better description) stations installed with one at the entrance and 2 in each of the areas. Hopefully people will use these bags and realize that this is not a doggy toilet! Either way, we will continue to carry our own bags just in case. The one thing that I really appreciate is that this is an area where the K9s can run free and socialize (the big grand pup really needs some social skills). Also, because it is an old golf course there are no goatheads or burrs that I've noticed. Hopefully the city will keep up the grounds so that pups don't have to worry about painful stickers in their pads. I think this will be a much needed resource here in town and I hope that the people using it will respect it and others using the facilities. Thumbs up, Clovis!

Both the big and little grand pups enjoying the small dog side of the dog park. The workers were in the large dog area and since we were the only ones there we went in the little dog area to play fetch for a while. Both kids seemed to enjoy themselves.

Front area of the large dog area, note the hydrant...
as far as I could tell they were not secured in any way.

The green in the small dog area, partly torn apart.

Secondly, I'd like to make a brief dedication of my 8 mile long run tomorrow. It was reported today that the body of Sherri Arnold a teacher in a small town in Montana had been found. Sherri had gone missing while she was out on a run this past weekend. At the start of the search for her only one of her running shoes had been found. This does have the huge question of safety, in particular for women who run solo, on the minds of runners. Even though I have only been running a few short months, I do often go on  my longer runs by myself. Most times I'm on streets here in town, but I'll also occasionally go running on rural routes. I don't normally carry pepper spray even though I have a canister of it. It's making me think that I should probably start carrying it on my long runs at least. I can take the big grand pup on the shorter runs...he only lasts about 3-4 miles even as slow as I am but I don't know how much of a deterrent he may actually be. So in essence I am joining many in the running community who will be dedicating their next runs to Sherry's memory. Not only for a runner lost, but as a stand that women runners will not give in to fear but rather will stand strong and make themselves safe from danger during their runs. Peaceful running, Sherry.
Sherri's body was reported found today.

100 Days Challenge:
  • Day 13: 55 minutes at PT (recumbent stepper 8 mins, treadmill at 4mph for 10 mins, Bosu stability/balance exercises, jumper machine, stretches, bridges w/ and w/o 6" roller at feet. Officially released from PT today!
  • 1 hour 1.97 mile walk with grand pups and 30 minutes of playing fetch with them.
What I Ate Today:
  • 1 3/4 cups shrimp etouffee
  • 3 cups white rice
  • 24 oz non-fat, lactose free milk
  • 1 slice banana bread
  • French bread double pepperoni pizza (whole hoagie roll)
  • 1 orange
  • 40 oz G2

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