Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Goals...met, sorta

I was just looking over the goals I had set for 2012 and figured I'd just do a quick assessment of how I did. You can see what my goals were over at this page.

Running Goals
Well, it's pretty easy to see that this (and really all my goals) were changing over the year. I did the majority of the races listed on the page but in reality I managed to finish 20 official half marathons (13.1 miles) and 3 unofficial virtual half marathons.

Completed Half Marathons (Official):

TinkerBell HM - Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA
Pecos Valley Stampede HM - Roswell, NM
Xpress HM - Wichita Falls, TX
Arizona Distance Classic HM - Oro Grande Valley, AZ
Bloodgusher HM - Midland, TX
Arbuckle to Ardmore HM - Ardmore, OK
Wayland Wellness HM - Wichita Falls, TX
Southern Indiana Classic HM - Evansville, IN
GO! St. Louis HM - St. Louis, MO
New Mexico Centennial/TX-NM Club Challenge HM - Hobbs/Lovington, NM
Oklahoma City Memorial HM - Oklahoma City, OK
Wisconsin HM - Kenosha, WI
1st Midwest Bank Southwest HM - Palos Heights, IL
Hope & Healing Place HM - Amarillo, TX
Kirtland AFB Armed Forces Day HM - Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque, NM
Wounded Warriors HM - Irving, TX
Legacy Midnight Run HM - Farmington, UT
ET Full Moon Midnight HM - Las Vegas/Rachel, NV
Prairie Fire HM - Wichita, KS
Wine & Dine HM - Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, FL

Completed Half Marathons (Unofficial):

New Year's Day Virtual Race Against Cancer HM (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - Team in Training Fundraiser)
For the Love of the Kids Virtual HM
Bling Ho's 1st SemiAnnual Charity Race Virtual HM (Relay for Life Fundraiser)

I did manage to join the Half Fanatics in March and have maxed out at 7 moons (Venus) out of 10. I was shooting for Sun (10 moons - 30 HMs in 30 different states in 365 days) but because of the severe depression from May through really now still...that goal has gone out the window. I'm fine with it though...going from a non-runner to a multiple race half marathoner crazy enough at one point to run 3 doubles (one race on subsequent Saturdays and Sundays) in one month is not a bad thing! :D

I postponed my foray into the full marathon spectrum (26.2 miles) until 2013 which ended up being a good thing since I did emotionally crash this year. I actually got to the point early in the year where 8-10 mile runs were the norm and something I looked forward to, but since I'm still recovering from the depressed mood I'm going to have to start from near scratch to get back up there. My times got worse over the year but had gotten down at one point to a fairly steady 11 minute mile so there's still room for improvement.

2012 Weight Loss Goals

Well, this was kind of a bust. I started out well and managed to get down to about 138 pounds but once the depression hit the weight came back. Right now I'm sitting at about 152 pounds so I'm going to have to get on the ball in 2013 to get where I want to be.

2013 Fitness Goals

Again, I started off well but with the exacerbation of the bipolar so went the exercise routine. I've been dealing with injuries of the lower extremities for the last 3-4 months and just overall fatigue (no surprise with the depression). So this too will need to be worked on in 2013. I never did do the duathlon or century ride primarily due to the fact that I didn't have the right type of equipment (cheap mountain bike vs at least and entry level road bike) or the right training. I'll work on kicking out at least one sprint duathlon in 2013 for sure though!

My main focus will be working on core strength, hip area strength to help with the pelvic malrotation issues/balance and ankle strength. My plan is to run, walk, cycle, elliptical (which I hate!) and swim although the whole swim thing is a bit hairy since although I know the mechanics of swimming I have a huge fear  of deep water, anything more than 5 feet, due to a near drowning as a five year old. So, swimming lessons or at least tutelage will be in order this year.

So, while I guess I did well on some aspects I didn't do so well on others. I'll be working on these some more in 2013 and hopefully it won't be as rough a year as this year has been. So, for me, it onward and upward...trying to be more optimistic and looking forward to becoming the really active individual I was prior to the mental crash. My 2013 goals will follow in another post shortly...

Happy New Years Eve!! Be safe!!

With the New Years Eve festivities starting up in less that 12 hours I'd just like to remind everyone to be safe and have a designated driver selected if you're going out on the town. If you're a AAA member you can check out the article below to see if you're are AAA chapter/offices will be offering any safe driving alternatives. Those of you on military installations will usually have an Airmen Against Drunk Driving group that also offers free rides to those who have had a little too much of the celebratory libations.

(ORLANDO, Fla., December 18, 2012) As millions of Americans prepare to celebrate the upcoming holidays, AAA urges motorists to remember the safety precautions they should take during this festive season. Drive only while drug and alcohol-free, select a designated driver for the evening, plan to take a cab or stay with a friend.

Have a safe and happy celebration!! Be safe!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Reflecting Back on 2012... (Part 2)

So, the first quarter or so of 2012 wasn't all that bad. Made some good new friends, ran my little heart out and was basically feeling good until April/May-ish. I've had this post open for the last 2 hours or so putting off my writing just because of the fact that the remainder of the year was pretty crappy. I mean, really, do I want to rehash those memories. Not really, but I will because what will I have to compare it with next year?? So here goes...

July 2012
I missed out on four races during this month...that was a loss of 4 states in my quest to 30 races/30 states/365 days and leveling out at Sun in Half Fanatics. Much of this month is a blur...not because it was fast, but rather because it was just crap overall. The depression maxed out, my thinking was slowed and in my own mind was the worst it had been since my ultra major depression of 2009-2011 (yes, almost a full 2 years). I think I ran a total of 3 miles the whole month, other than that my bed was my best friend. I only left the house if I needed to and I did some stupid things as well resulting in weeks of downplayed agony. Like I've said before, I'm a master at hiding my true feelings. I retreated from the world both real and online and I really gave up on myself. My self worth was at a near monumental low and my time on Earth limited in my eyes. OK...that's enough of that.

August 2012
My depression had taken a huge toll already and placed a strain on the husband's and my relationship. After weeks of poor moods I had a double (2 half marathons in one weekend) scheduled in Utah and Nevada. I was fed up with not running. I was fed up with the husband. I was fed up with me. I needed to get away. I knew it was a stupid idea to take off on my own but I needed a change. So, I drove to Utah for my first race and since I had barely run in the previous months it was no surprise that while I initially felt good at the beginning of the run I ended up getting some massive calf cramping going on by mile 9 at which point I just gave up and pretty much walked the rest of the race. I turned around the next morning and drove to Las Vegas for my second race of the weekend that night. By the time race time came around I was so wiped out...something I hadn't ever experienced with doing a double many times in the previous months...that I didn't even want to run the race at all. I did it anyway feeling totally exhausted, in a shit mood and just wanting to finish no matter how slow it would be. By mile 6 again I had given up just because I was so tired and walked the remainder of the race. The time away from the husband improved the relationship after a sit down upon my arrival back home, but I was pretty much wiped out for the next 3 weeks. Again, not a happy month to remember. You'd think I'd know better, but apparently not because I'm going to be doing something similar in about 3 weeks from now.

September 2012
So, what happened in September. Not much. The depression was still lingering although I'd rarely and briefly, literally less than 10-15 minutes at a time would get back on some of the social networks gaining a minor semblance of at least an online presence. I still was pretty much housebound other than going to doctor's and counseling appointments. I did manage to get about 5-6 runs in mostly only in the 2-3 mile range. I turned 48 on the 11th. It was the second year in a row that I didn't spend the day bawling because of the psychological effects of the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks. No, I didn't know anyone affected (that I know of) but I had a sense of  "perceived" survivors guilt. In my mind on that day, when I was sick at home watching the horrendous events unfold live, I should have mobilized to go volunteer in NYC. I was a civilian working in a military health facility I should go to the commander and tell her that I wanted to go to NYC to volunteer. But I didn't, our base didn't send anyone and yet I convinced myself that I was a bad person for not going on my own initiative. It didn't matter that I still had a couple of teenagers at home who "needed" me since their dad was busy at work and school. I simply was a bad person for not going. I cried most of the day on the anniversary of the attacks, my birthday, until 2011 when for the first time I made it through the day without crying. I didn't celebrate my birthday for all those years. The one really good thing I started doing was volunteering once or twice a month at the Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op distribution which forced me to get out among people and begin to socialize face to face again. Yet another crappy month overall with those two rays of sunshine.

October 2012
I'm swinging in and out of depression and hypomania most of the month. The periods of hypomania are great, I have energy, I'm communicating online regularly, I'm leaving the house to go grocery shopping. I ran the Prairie Fire Half Marathon in Wichita, Kansas mid-month after running just over a half dozen times in the month and a half prior. I felt good at the beginning of the run but again that 9th mile came and I started cramping plus having lateral foot pain in my right foot. I finished the race (after a really rough about it here) only to end up in the ER that night and on crutches for the next month. So, once again I'd go another month without any training, this time because I couldn't (or wasn't supposed to) bear weight on the foot. Mood-wise I had improved somewhat but it's when someone like me, with my history, is coming out of depression that life can become even more dangerous.

November 2012
My moods had pretty much balanced out during the month. I was in a lower level of depression and staying in a more "stable" frame of mind. I was back online, I was talking with real people face to face (versus just online). I had another race to do, my first race at Walt Disney World...the Wine & Dine Half Marathon. My running friend, Melanie, was going to do it with me but ended up having knee surgery and had to back out. So I went alone and decided to skip the parks because I was still on crutches. To make a long story short I ditched the crutches the day before the race and finished the race without any pain. Tired as all get out, but no pain other than some normal cramping. If you haven't already, you can read about the race here. After the race I took a week off and then tried to run resulting in these damned anterior shin splints that hit me less than a quarter of a mile into each of the attempted runs. I could barely hobble home. I haven't run since. I did finally see the podiatrist regarding the foot pain from the Kansas race and it was determined that it was a nerve issue possibly caused by my shoes. So now I have to move up to a wide shoe and ensure that there is no stitching/seams in the area of the nerve irritation. Hopefully that'll keep any future issues from happening.
Thanksgiving was quiet with just the hubs and myself and our K9s. Other than that it was the most "normal" month I had experience in many months. High point of the month?? The night of the race when I bumped into some of my running friends from TinkerBell and receiving my Coast to Coast medal for 2012.

TinkerBell HM medal (Disneyland), Wine & Dine medal (WDW)
Coast to Coast medal (for running 1 HM at each park in a calendar year)

December 2012
I won't bore you with the details since I just posted an update a few days can read it here if you want. Christmas was great, the hubs and I chose not to exchange gifts this year as we just have more stuff than we have room. Had a good time with the son and his fiance and met the inlaws. And overall, have been feeling pretty good for a change. Had a quiet 29th wedding anniversary as well. The only down point...I decided not to run a double at the beginning of the month because of the major shin splint issues I was having...yet another loss of 2 states on my list. I did manage to reach the seventh level (Venus) in Half Fanatics with 13 half marathons within 79 days. Not my overall goal, but with the roller coaster the year has been I'll take it. Who would have ever thought that I'd complete 20 half marathons (not including virtual races) in less than a year? Not me!! :D

My overall impression of 2012?? It sucked the last half and was pretty great for most of the first half. Yeah, the pessimist in me still pops out a lot, but I am hopeful that 2013 will at least be a little better. I mean, really, it couldn't be much worse...unless I end up dead. (Sorry, dark/sick humor on my part.)

So here's a toast of some Moscato to an improved 2013 and a lot of running in my future. Honest, I'm trying to be as optimistic as I's just against my nature...

Cheers to a, hopefully, awesome 2013!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Reflecting back on 2012... (Part 1)

I'm sitting here looking back on a year that started out with so much optimism only to come crashing down mid-year with a severe depression and subsequent effects on what had been a promising year of running and health. So, let's take a month by month look at this bumpy year that I hope to leave in the rear view mirror in hopes of a much improved 2013.

January 2012
After a slightly rough start with being injured and in physical therapy since Oct 2011 and having to limit my newly found love of running things began looking up when I was released from PT and restarted training for my very first half marathon, the inaugural TinkerBell HM at Disneyland. I met my fundraising goal for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training and would be heading back out west to see if I could meet the challenge. I did and I made some good running friends while at it. Probably the most close relationship I've developed from this race are my friends Melanie & Dianne. It was Melanie's and my first half marathon ever. We were previous non-lovers of running and both RNs in the psych/mental health nursing world. We started the race as virtual strangers other than meeting once and communicating via Facebook but finished together as friends. We shared many similarities in our lives and I've come to think of her as a very good friend. I can't wait to see her again at TinkerBell in 2013 (we're rooming together). :D

Love ya, Melanie!! :D
Dianne had already been running for a while and while we didn't communicate much face to face at the race other than at our Facebook group meetup where she brought some Ghiradelli chocolates for everyone and a brief chat after the race we have been very communicative online. I think the connection has to do with the fact that we're both California girls and Asian...we understand things that others sometimes don't! LOL! I'll be seeing Dianne again at Tink 2013 and then we're rooming together at the Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World in February where she will attain Legacy runner status (running every year of the first 5 years of the race). I don't have any pics of Dianne aside from our group's meetup pic below. :(

TinkerBell HM Facebook Group - Inaugural Meetup
That's Dianne sitting down near the middle in the white long sleeve shirt.

February 2012
Nothing major really happened in February that I can recall other than running my second half marathon for which I only had to travel an hour and a half. I ran this one with a newly formed running group here in town, the Clovis Area Run/Walk Club, which was started on 1/3/12. Of course I was the slowest one to complete the half marathon in the group but I made a very good local friend, Teresa, who had been running for about 4 years after beating cancer. We communicate regularly on Facebook now, see each other occassionally in town and I introduced her to the Bountiful Baskets food co-op program here in town because I know whe is a very healthy eater (something I am still working on). I consider her my local running partner in crime...I don't think she knows that yet. We got together and participated in a couple more races in 2012 (Wayland Wellness Run Half Marathon and the New Mexico Centennial-TX/NM Team Challenge (she did the full and still finished before I finished the half!). We'll be participating in the Bataan Memorial Death March and hopefully The Color Run 5K together (but apart...she's way faster than me) in 2013.

Big ((hugs))  to you Teresa!

March 2012
The biggest thing that happened in March was finishing my third half marathon with what is still my personal record to date (PR) of 2:37:xx. This enabled me to join the Half Fanatics as member #1982...the same year as my high school graduation (not by accident). This led to the start of a quest to finish 30 half marathons in 30 different states in 365 days. I was well on my way but by May things would be different and I won't be reaching my goal. But for a previous non-runner to join a group of exceptional people who run for different reasons and at varying speeds is something I never in my life would have thought would have happened. 

April 2012
This was the month that I started noticing the depression coming on. It's not like it was unexpected because I typically do go into a depressive state during the spring, but it was just my hope that I could skip a year without was just not to be. I kept racing finishing the OKC Memorial Half Marathon and meeting running legend Bill Rodgers. The month was not extremely bad, but the downhill slide was gaining momentum.

Me with Bill Rodgers, Olympian, marathoner, author.

Probably the most meaningful medal so far.

May 2012
This was the month that the sh!t hit the fan. I've always been pretty good at hiding just how bad I was feeling when depressed but I had always managed to maintain a relatively active online presence. Not this time. I basically went offline for the first time since the late 90's. I disappeared from all my social networks, I rarely left the house other than to run and I spent many a day not getting dressed, showered or eating. Not a happy time. I did manage to finish 4 half marathons and registered for an all women's trail running clinic.

I traveled all the way to Illinois and Wisconsin to race. I met up with another good running friend and TNT alum, Kat, who is originally from Wisconsin and the chance to see her again and knock out another state was my momentum to run in the Wisconsin Half Marathon. Not only did I meet up with her again, but I also met Dave Mari...running celeb extraodaire who gets to so many races and takes so many pictures that it's totally crazy. You can always identify him because he always has the Paul Frank monkey on his shirt! I also spent a couple of nights with my cousin, Maria, who lives in Illinois and I hadn't seen since they moved to Japan after being stationed in New Mexico (where we met for the first time, while stationed at the same base). I have no idea of how we managed not to get any pictures while I was there!?!

Kat with the Captain!
Dave and I.
Unfortunately, this trip also resulted in the ending of the relationship with my daughter who also suffers from bipolar disorder. We have cut off communication with each other under mutual agreement. The last bridge has been burned and I'm done.

Probably the big personal thing that happened was that I reached my fundraising goal for Relay for Life and shaved my head...again! I had done it in 2006 where it was a big deal because my nursing students who helped me with fundraising got to shave my hair off. This year it was much more low key because I was sick (mentally and physically) and I didn't have hoards of people actually wanting to shave my head. It because a non-big deal as I showed up at the team's camp and they proceeded to shave everything off.

June 2012
By June I was pretty much deep into this depressive episode with the high points only being concerned with running. This was also the month that my thinking got too stupid and had some really bad repercussions. I was at my lowest at this point, skipping my 30 year high school class reunion which I had been looking forward to for over a year. Friends who I had not seen since high school were going to be there and instead I spent the week in bed with such a low self-worth that I couldn't be scraped off the floor with a sharp edged, metal scraper. At the beginning of the month before a major emotional crash I managed to complete the Wounded Warrior Half Marathon in Irving, TX with my cousin Ausa who I had not seen for years during which she completed her very first 10K. I also attended the trail running clinic with Teresa at which I discovered something I already knew...I was not born to be a trail runner!

My cousin Ausa after finishing her very first 10K race.

To be continued...

Friday, December 28, 2012

A Quick Update & an Obsession Out of Control

Well, it's been a long time since I've posted last. Part of the reason is because I haven't run since my last race...almost literally. I took a week off to rest then tried a few times to do some short runs of < 5K only to be sidelined by some nasty shin splints bilaterally within the first quarter mile of each run. Dejected by this failure, I decided to rest for awhile and just haven't gotten up the gumption to get back out there again. I skipped a double that I had scheduled in Louisiana and Arkansas as well. Of course, next Thursday I leave for my next half marathon in Mississippi...the Mississippi Blues Half Marathon. Again this will be a race with virtually no training and I expect to walk a good portion of the course. Then to follow that up, I have a double in California in mid-January at the Temecula Valley HM and the 2nd TinkerBell HM...again, likely to be walking much of the course. What a way to start 2013!! Meh.

As far as the end of 2012 goes, I hope everyone had a great holiday whether it was Christmas, Hanukka or Kwanza. We had a great time here with the son and his fiance coming to visit for 5 days and staying with us. We ate, met the future in-laws, they visited other family and friends, I did some massive cooking preparing a bunch of crock pot soup/chili plus multiple loaves of quick bread, celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary by sitting in bed all day catching up on a semester's worth of DVRd shows and it was an overall good time.

And then there is my newest obsession...On the 11th I was up in Amarillo for an appointment and before I drove home I stopped to catch Pitch Perfect at the theater. I had been waiting to watch this since it came out and finally had the chance so I was surely not going to miss it. I knew that I was in a potentially obsessive mode when I walked out of this movie. The songs, the dancing, the quirky characters, the sweet ups and downs of romance and a cute hottie in the male lead young enough to (literally) be my son. Ah yes, Skylar Astin. Yum. I think I'm either bordering on pedophilia or cougar mode since he's literally 11 days older than my own son!! LOL!

The movie came out on DVD and VOD on the 18th and wouldn't you know it I purchased my first rental of the movie just after midnight. Within the first 24 hours I had literally watched the movie at least 10x, sleeping only 2-3 hours and repeating the cycle again for 2 more days. To date, some 10 days later, I have by m best estimate watched this movie (as I am doing while typing this) at least 50 times!! I've watched it enough that I've got the most of the dialogue and choreography down cold. It's not unusual that I obsess over a movie or male lead, but it is unusual that I've watched the movie so many times and am fangirling over such a young actor. In the past movies like Bridget Jones and Titanic were my obsessions, then came Ryan Reynolds and I watch Green Lantern (best imagery of his hot bod) at least 20x after it came out as well as building a pretty massive Facebook album of Ryan Reynolds photos...excuse me while I wipe up the drool...OK, I'm back.

Ummm...yeah. this is currently the wallpaper on my cell!  *sigh*

Anyway, two days after first watching the VOD movie I went out and bought the soundtrack which took me 2 hours to figure out how to import it onto my phone so I could go grocery shopping and driving while listening to the music wherever I go. It was kind of funny to be jammin' out to the soundtrack while doing my grocery shopping at Walmart and Albertson's. I've been living Pitch Perfect for over a week now watching it whenever a have a spare couple of hours, listening to the CD when I'm at home or anywhere that I can listen to my phone and just today I spent a few hours to build a Pintrest page dedicated to the movie (featuring a lot of Skylar Astin). For Christmas my son gave me a Visa gift card that was to be used for running gear ONLY, but I snuck in the Blue Ray/DVD mega combo pack which I had to order online and am eagerly awaiting to arrive so that I can watch all the extra content. I'm pretty sure my constant scanning for new online pics of Skylar, watching numerous YouTube videos of the movie and Skylar plus following Skylar on Twitter may border on stalking. I jest, I jest!! lol!

There are additional new tracks on the just released extended
soundtrack that  I will be downloading from iTunes.

I'm not certain why the movie resonates with me so much. I know a new hottie and the music are certainly a draw, but whatever it is I do love this flick! At least it's a healthy obsession...for now. I'm not going out and blowing money, doing drugs or other stupid it's OK, right?

My favorite parts of the movie in chronological order (SPOILER alert!):
  • Right at the beginning when Jesse sings to Beca from the car before they even meet...too funny when his parents take off  at high speed during Freshman move in day.
  • A capella tryouts, especially when Jesse sings.
  • When Jesse messes around with the album covers to make Beca smile.
  • When Jesse meets up with Beca on the quad arriving with a candle, Snyder's of Hanover Hard Pretzels, movies including The Breakfast Club and a juice packet. Why would you need a candle in the daylight, on the campus quad?? IDK.
  • The riff-off especially when Jesse sings Feels Like the First Time and you know that he's singing it to Beca.
  • The dorm scene right after the riff-off where Jesse puts the move on Beca.
  • The Trebles performance of Right Round at the first competition. Swoon!
  • The Bellas breaking out with Party in the USA in the bus.
  • The Footnotes performance of Blame it on the Boogie.
  • Beca yelling at Jesse after Aubrey lays into her after the Bellas performance at semi-finals. So sad...I feel so bad for Jesse! :(
  • Beca finally watching The Breakfast Club.
  • Beca trying to make up with Jesse after spring break and he basically breaks up their relationship ("whatever this is") even though he cares for her still. Another sad section of the movie. :(
  • Aubrey's major projectile vomiting episode and the ensuing girl fight.
  • The Bellas mashup in the swimming pool.
  • The Trebles final performance of Bright Lights, Bigger City/Magic. Easily my very favorite musical number. Not only do you hear the smooth voice of Jesse but Benji also lets loose and the boys in general dance great. Huge swoon for Jesse!! (Excuse me, I have to go wipe off the drool again!)
  • Beca's section of the Bella's final performance when Jesse realizes that she's singing/making up to him. The look on his face is priceless...which leads to more swooning!
  • OK, being the romantic that I can be at times, when they finally kiss. Oh, to be 25 year younger, 25 pounds lighter and in the place of Beca! ROTFLMAO!
Yes, this is a very lighthearted movie which gives me a fuzzy, warm feeling a PG sense. The acting is great and entertaining. The music, dancing and singing is great...especially Skylar Astin as Jesse. His voice just hits the right spot every time whether he's singing or rapping. Rebel Wilson throws out her irreverent humor and brings on a lot of laughs. Anna Kendrick is well cast as the rebel finding out that college life can be fun. The cast overall is just awesome. Oh, and then there's Elizabeth Banks as one of the competition commentators...she is hilarious in the 10 or 15 minutes she has on screen!

So, I've just finished watching the movie and singing and dancing (quietly) to the last two performances as the old man slept...good thing he's deaf! My VOD rental is expired so now I just need to wait and see if I can manage to hold off on ordering it again until my mega combo BluRay/DVD arrives sometime between now and January 2nd. If it doesn't get here by Saturday, I'll probably be going through withdrawal symptoms and have to order it yet again! Oh my!

Here are a few of my favorite videos off of YouTube with regards to Pitch Perfect. Enjoy!

Mike Tompkins, the cast of Pitch Perfect and fans sing "Starships."
Again...Skylar Astin's voice...ahhhhhhh!

This video has most of my favorite non-musical scenes 
from the movie between Beca and Jesse. It's set to 
"Without You" as done by Lea Michelle from Glee...
Skylar's former cast mate on the Broadway hit 
"Spring Awakenings."

The Trebles perform "Right Round." Damn, Jesse and Donald are good!
I can't be the only one loving what happens at 0:51 in the clip...

Second half of the riff off...songs about sex. 
Jesse sings "Feels Like the First Time". 
OMG. I can't get enough of his voice!