2013 Goals

So here goes...A rough year is ending tonight and a New Year begins in just under 7 hours. These are my goals as of December 31, 2012 at just after 5pm MST. These will likely change throughout the year depending on how I'm feeling and whether my bipolar disorder decides to kick my ass once again so stay tuned!

Running Goals:

The primary racing goal is to finish a  half marathon in all the states West of the Mississippi except for Hawaii. That means that the priority races will be in Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. Hmmm...looks like I need to find races in Arkansas and Louisiana again...had to sit out  the ones I had planned on in December 2012. If I get all these states done I'll be about half way to my 50 half marathons in 50 states goal by the end of the year. As of today I currently have 11 states completed (California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana).

  1. Mississippi Blues Half Marathon - Jackson, MS - 1/5/13 Completed 3:13:41
  2. Temecula Valley Half Marathon - Temecula, CA - 1/19/13 Registered  Race Canceled
  3. TinkerBell Half Marathon - Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, CA - 1/20/13 Completed 3:53:16
  4. Spartan Sprint 5K (obstacles) - Chandler, AZ - 2/9-10/13 Completed 2:39:01
  5. Princess Half Marathon - Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, FL - 2/24/13 Completed 3:10:40
  6. Bataan Memorial Death March (Full 26.2 mile course) - White Sands M.R., NM - 3/17/13 Registered
  7. The Color Run 5K - Lubbock, TX - 3/23/13 Registered
  8. Super Spartan (8+ miles of obstacles) - Henderson, NV - 4/6/13 Volunteering for Entry
  9. OKC Memorial Half Marathon - Oklahoma City, OK - 4/27/13 Registered (Downgraded to run first road HM w/ hubs)
  10. Military Spartan SprintColorado Half Marathon - Ft. Carson, CO - 5/6/13 Volunteering for Entry
  11. Run for Your Lives Zombie 5K - Dallas, TX - 6/1/13
  12. The Color Run 5K - Amarillo, TX - 6/15/13 (Tentative)
  13. Spartan Beast (12+ miles of obstacles) - Midway, UT - 6/29/13 Volunteering at Military Sprint for Entry
  14. Idaho Falls Half Marathon - Idaho Falls, ID - 7/20/13 Deferred from 2012/Registered
  15. MAD Marathon - Idaho Falls, ID - 7/27/13 Registered
  16. Big Wild Life Runs Marathon - Anchorage, AK - 8/18/13
  17. Lost Lake Breath of Life 16M - Seward, AK - 8/24/13
  18. Dirty Dash 5K - Edgewood, NM  - 8/30/13
  19. Color Run 5K - Albuqeurque, NM - 9/7/13 (Tentative)
  20. Center of the Nation Half Marathon Series - Bowman, ND - 9/16/13 Registered
  21. Center of the Nation Half Marathon Series - Belle Fourche, SD - 9/17/13 Registered
  22. Center of the Nation Half Marathon Series - WY race based out of Belle Fourche, SD - 9/18/13 Registered
  23. Center of the Nation Half Marathon Series - MT race based out of Belle Fourche, SD - 9/19/13 Registered
  24. Center of the Nation Half Marathon Series - Chadron, NE - 9/20/13 Registered
  25. Panhandle Marathon - Lubbock, TX - 9/29/13 Marathon Maniacs Qualifier
  26. Color Me Rad 5K - Lubbock, TX - 10/19/13
  27. Duke City Marathon - Albuquerque, NM - 10/20/13
  28. Tough Mudder - Dallas, TX - 10/27/13 - Volunteering 10/26 for Reduced Entry 10/27
  29. Space Coast Marathon - Cocoa, FL - 12/1/13 Registered

I'm starting basically from scratch again regarding speed due to 4 months of injuries so I'll be happy to get back to an 11 minute mile at a run/walk/run interval. If I get faster than that, then great! I want to work with a coach as well so we'll see what happens there. I'll never win any races, but I will always have room for improvement.

Fitness Goals:

Based on my repeated history of injuries my main concern will be to strengthen the core, hips and associated musculature and strengthen my ankles. I plan to run, walk, elliptical (which I hate), cycle and "learn" to swim to help reach this goal. I say "learn" because I know the mechanics, but have a huge water phobia after a near drowning when I was 5 years old.

Weight Loss Goal:

I'm still shooting for that 125 pounds. That'll put me in a great BMI range and at that weight (the last time I was there in 2003) I felt great. Plus the less weight I have to carry when I run, the better. So, that works out to about a 27 pound loss goal...I have a whole year to do that it is definitely doable! :D

So tomorrow I start. For New Years Day I start with a short run/walk just to judge how the shin splints will likely affect me on Saturday plus I'll do a Beachbody workout that is yet to be determined...I only have about 6 of them to choose from!! lol!

Personal Goals:

I only have two -

1) Finish up the blasted living room and hall remodel that has been sitting for 3 years due to the constant depression of myself and the old man, our hospitalizations and a general lack of energy. It's gotta be done by next Christmas!!

2) This one has to do with my bipolar disorder - Stay on my damned medications no matter how good I feel (it's not uncommon for those with bipolar to stop meds on their own when they feel good, with terrible consequences) and to start journaling/mood charting on a daily basis. We'll see how that last part goes...lol.

LAST UPDATE: 3/12/13

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