Friday, December 23, 2011

Weight gain...oh my!

Well, I started back on my main medication (lithium) for bipolar disorder late last month. I had been checking my weight at least twice a week since then to monitor for weight gain...the very first time I was on lithium I gained 40 pounds in just over a month! Everything has been copacetic until this past weekend. I had been sitting at about 139 pounds for over 2 months and then I stepped on the scale Saturday morning to find that I had gained 6 pounds in just over a week!! I had seen my primary veterans care doctor a couple of weeks ago and had a 3 pound gain then, but had lost it by the beginning of last week. This current weight gain has just come up out of nowhere. When I look back to what my eating habits have been like in the past two weeks I'm pretty sure that it's not all the medication's fault although I do believe that it plays a part. I went on a Pepsi binge for almost 2 weeks having up to two 20 ounce Pepsis daily. Then there's the candy making (even though they were healthier renditions...aside from the toffee)...fudge, toffee and chocolate peanut clusters. I know it's the holiday season, but come on...I've gotta get a grip on things!! I was only 14 pounds from my goal weight and now I've gone and mucked it all up. So, I'm going to increase my activity level again (didn't help that I've been waylaid by injuries) and lose this holiday weight. Oh my...I feel like I'm starting from scratch again!

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