Friday, December 16, 2011

28 years ago today...

Jan 1984.
Troy 20 y/o, Beth 19y/o
Twenty eight years ago yesterday I turned towards the old man and said, "Why don't we get married?" There was a lot going on at the time and he didn't want to head back to Idaho at the time. Did I mention that we had only been going out for 10 weeks?Anyway, on this day 28 years ago we drove to the Sacramento County Courthouse and waited about 2 hours to get married. In that time the old man smoked 2 pack of cigarettes. I laughed through the whole ceremony...I'm sure that the official doing the ceremony thought that we were making a big mistake. So after making it through the ceremony we were cut loose from work (we were on the night shift) and headed down to my hometown to hang out. We dropped the marriage bombshell on my mother (who didn't care for the old man for another several months when she realized that he was a handy man around the house) and settled in for the night. The next day we headed down to the Oakland Coliseum and watched the Gap Band and Atlantic Starr in concert. And that folks was our wedding weekend.

Sept 2011.
Troy 47 y/o, Beth 47 y/o
Almost three decades later we've had the ups and downs that are to be expected in any relationship, unfortunately more downs than up in the last several years. However, we still hang in there since we're best friends...the whole "lovers" thing has kinda gone by the wayside due to age and medications. lol! It's quite amazing when you look at the record of marriages and divorces in both of our  families histories. Not so great. We know each others good points and negative points yet still accept each other as who we are no matter what. We don't fight often...but when we do the bad feelings can last up to a week or more (especially on my part). I've learned to be forgiving and he's learned to be accepting of my "bipolar-ness." So onward we go into the future...looking to set a record in each of our families and see what else the future has for us.

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