Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Boxing Day? Resolutions?

Boxing Day is a UK holiday falling the day after Christmas (in most occasions) in the States we can call it , "Waiting in line to return unwanted Christmas gift Day." lol! In all actuality in the past few years, if I was brave enough to go to the mall or store the day after Christmas the lines haven't been all that bad. But then my timing always tends to be later in the shopping day anyway. According to Wikipedia, Boxing Day is pretty much the equivalent to our Black Friday in the UK. The 26th also happens to be the birthday of a childhood friend...I still can't decide if having a birthday the day after Christmas is a good thing or a bad thing. Do you get twice as many presents...or do you get Christmas presents that are marked as both Christmas and birthday presents? Well, whatev...I'm just glad that the craziness is over and life can start getting back to normal...or as near normal as possible.

With the beginning of the new year coming I'm debating whether to come up with resolutions or just go with whatever happens during the year. I do know that I'm going keep on going with the running...or run/walk in my case and hopefully, eventually full running plus keep working towards my goal weight of 125 pounds. I don't see those as resolutions but simply goals that I've already been working on. I guess I'll keep thinking about it for now since I have close to a week to make a final decision...

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