Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New "Fashion": SI Belt

Today I went to my regularly scheduled PT appointment. I've been having some pain in my right knee with the ITBS kicking in in that location for some unknown reason. So anyway, my PT found that my left hip was out of alignment...again. So I was evidently compensating with my right leg thereby causing the ITBS in my right knee to start acting up. We worked on getting my left hip/pelvis re-aligned which took several attempts but we managed to get it back to a near normal position. After doing some of my regular stretches and exercises the PT told me about possibly using a sacroiliac (SI) belt. He let me try one that they had in the clinic and although it's a bit awkward because it has to be worn on the hips I did feel that it made a difference. I need to get one and figure out how I'm going to adapt it to carry my hydration bottle and snacks so that I'm not wearing two different belts while I run the half marathon in January.

Hopefully I'll have one of these belts in my hands by next week. I'll report then how it helps, but I'll have to wear it most of the day as well as when I run. I do have to be sure to check that my pelvis is fairly well aligned before I put it on as it won't do any good if I'm out of alignment. So, hopefully, if I'm released from PT next Monday this belt will help me stay where I need to be in order to run/bike. Below is a video that outlines how this belt is to be worn...doesn't look like much fun, but if it helps I'll do it!

I did go for a 4½ mile run/walk today and so far no pain so maybe, hopefully, my pelvis will stay in place for my appointment tomorrow because I really need to bump up my training and start increasing mileage so that I can hit at least 11 miles before Tinkerbell. I know I can do 7 miles but I really need to run 13 miles at least once so that I know that I can do it. Wish me luck!

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