Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Regarding the ongoing story with my bum hip, I am finding that I need to use a pillow to maintain proper pelvic alignment while I sleep. Now, all the pillows I have are not firm enough to support my whole leg and hip in a proper position so as not to allow my pelvis to drop into misalignment yet again. I've decided that I need a full length body pillow with firm support...almost orthopedic in a sense rather than the run of the mill body pillow that you can buy in the big box stores. So, below are a few that I'm looking at possibly purchasing. Please, if you've used a particular brand brand of body pillow before (whether listed below or not) and have had good success with it please let me know. I do toss and turn quite a bit so a full body pillow that I don't need to actually reposition is going to be my best bet...Thanks.
Comfort U Total Body Pillow $99.95
 This one gets some pretty good reviews on
Leachco Snoogle Loop $65.00
I like this one because it is a true wrap around body pillow.
Body Wrap Pillow $47.65

This one looks like the Comfort U pillow but much fuller. 
But does the cheap price mean a cheaper pillow?

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