Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cleaning discovery

OK, so those of you that know me know that I'm not "little Miss Suzy Homemaker." In the spring, summer and early fall I tend to grill quite a bit. As part of my grilling equipment I use a basting mop to oil up the grill. Since I don't use the mop for anything else but this I just keep it in a container of olive oil for reuse through the season. The problem with this is at the end of the season there is a nasty build up of oil/grease in the mop. I've been dealing with trying to clean this darned mop literally for a couple of months. I've tried everything...the dishwasher, washing by hand with hot water and liberal amounts of soap, soaking in Greased Lightning, etc. I had just about given up after Googling other possible methods of cleaning and basically finding one solution...just throw it out. I was just about ready to do just that when I saw the pot of boiling spaghetti that I was making for dinner. I figured that I'd just try to boil the mop to see if that would melt off the excess oil/grease. After boiling it (just the mop portion, not the wooden handle) in soapy water for 5 minutes I saw quite a bit of gunk that had come off the mop. I rinsed it in hot water and washed with some dish soap, it still felt a bit sticky so I boiled it again for another 5-7 minutes, rinsed, washed and it's feeling much better. My hands don't feel greasy after squeezing it and the mop doesn't clump together like it did when it was full of oil/grease. I'm going to boil it at least once more and I think it'll be good to go for next season. Why am I blogging this? Basically to have a place to remind myself of how to do it in case my memory fades...oh, and for anyone else who is interested. lol.

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