Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Happenings...or lack thereof??

On Thursday the old man and I watched Christmas with the Kranks for the first time. I had to laugh because people would think that were were the real life version of the Kranks. Not that we're avoiding Christmas, but rather because we don't have any Christmas decorations all!! lol! Heck, I've got Christmas cards that I've signed and printed up holiday letters for but haven't stuffed envelopes to mail. About the only thing holiday-ish that's in the house is Christmas dinner: a bone-in prime rib roast, lobster tails, a ham steak, baby potatoes, savory sweet potatoes and fixings for green bean casserole! We're just not holiday celebrating kind of people. Sure, when the kids were little we'd do it up pretty good...decent sized tree, let the kids decorate, stockings full of small presents, stacks of too many presents under the tree, etc. But since the time they started asking for expensive gifts like computers and TVs we started backing off on all the festivities. This year since it's just the old man and I, we've foregone the exchanging of gifts. In years past it's been a question of "what do you want?" and this year I got to thinking "what do you need?" When I consider that we have one computer that I bought myself for Christmas several years back...that has never been used, the fact that the old man has several large tools that have never been used, clothes packed as tight as sardines in the closet, too many shoes/purses on my part and so on, I came to the conclusion that it would be stupid to add to our collection. So I suggested a no present Christmas...the old man was more than agreeable (he hates to shop around this time of year...even avoiding grocery stores as much as possible). The only thing I asked for Christmas was to finish the remodel we started almost 3 years ago...that hasn't happened yet! *le sigh*

Anyway, as with most holidays around here I describe it as "just another day..." nothing special other than a fancy meal. We'll spend the day watching the tube, I'm going to go and try to do my long run for the week (hopefully there won't be much traffic) and the old man will probably read all day...basically the approach will be extremely low key. We've already sent/delivered Christmas presents to the kids and their significant others...I don't do mail out presents after one year of spending over $200 just in postage! No need for a massive deep cleaning of the house, we'll stay in pajamas all day (except when I go for my long run...9 miles planned) and we'll eat on our own schedule. So it's just we two and 6 canines...maybe I'll get them some ground turkey for a doggie turkey loaf for Christmas...just chillin' at home watching whatever we can find on TV, napping and basically just having a lazy day.

UPDATE: I actually wrote this post a few days ago. I finally got those Christmas cards in the mail late on the afternoon of the 23rd. Of course, most of them are going out of state so they won't be received until after Christmas. Oh well...

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