Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stressin' a little about Tinkerbell HM

So, as of today I have 32 days until the Tinkerbell Half Marathon. I'm starting to get excited/freaked out at the same time. Off and on today I've been trying to think of what I'll need to pack for the race. I'm not so much worried about my regular clothes, but I'm definitely afraid of forgetting something for the race. We've gone to a race before thinking that we had brought everything, but found that we had left our shoes on the bed at home; we ended up having to buy him new shoes to run in, but luckily I was wearing some old running shoes. So, just to ease my own mind I'm going to list my race equipment in this post so that I can have a single place to remember what I need to bring. Why not do it on a piece of paper...simply because I have a silly habit of losing pieces of paper that I make notes on (among other things like keys, wallets, money, etc.). Here goes:

Tutu (yeah, I know it's not really important...but it is for this race!)
Wings (ditto the above)
Purple running skort
Purple compression socks
TNT race shirt
Brooks Defyance 4 shoes (I have 4 pairs of running shoes, I need to specify!)
Sports bra
Tech underwear
Fuel belt with 2 bottles
Packets of G2
Extreme Sports Beans
Road ID
KT Tape
Sport tape

I'm sure I'm forgetting something so I'll be coming back to edit this list. It's my first half marathon...I just don't want to screw anything up by forgetting something).

Probably the biggest thing I'm beginning to stress out about is my "turf toe." After my long run on Christmas day the little bugger is still hurting...enough that I'm considering making an appointment before the end of the week just to make sure I don't have a fracture. I took the massive amount of tape I had on to immobilize it off last night because my foot needed to breathe, but this morning it is aching like crazy and becomes painful with just a little bit of pressure...not sure if I'm going to be able to make my short run today or not! *le sigh, le groan*

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