Saturday, December 17, 2011

Longest run so far!

I went on my long run for this week today. It was a hard run I wanted to give up at miles 2 & 4 but I just kept pushing along and managed to finish 8.6 miles in just over 1 hour and 51 minutes! This is the longest run so previous longest being just over 7 miles before my injury. I have only run once this past week so it really was a bit stupid of me to go for a full 8 mile run today. My mindset was that since I was able to run a 10K without problems, that I should be able to do 8 miles "easy." I think I'll be paying for that stupidity for the next few days. I'm feeling seriously sore in my right upper leg/groin/adductors and my great toe on the left foot is painful when I flex it.

I'm pretty sure that the groin pain is a simple strain that should resolve with rest and stretching. The big toe is another issue. Hopefully it's just a strain, but the potential is there for a stress fracture of the sesamoid bones. I'll just monitor this particular pain for a few days and if there's no improvement I may end up at the doctor's to check for a fracture. It's not painful to pressure so I'm really hopeful that it's just a strain.

My running plan for the week right now is to do the bike tomorrow, Monday and Wednesday; a short 3-4 mile run/walk on Tuesday and Thursday and then on Saturday (if everything feels good) I'll try another 8-9 mile run. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I have no long term injury going on. Thanks.

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