Thursday, December 15, 2011

Planned bike ride...FAIL!

Today was supposed to be the very first training ride in preparation for the Santa Fe Half Century Ride that I'm planning to participate in in May. I was all psyched up for it even though the old man wanted to decrease the distance from a nearly 21 mile round trip to only 10 miles. We planned to get out around noon when the temperature was closer to 45°F. So after finally getting ready I pulled out my bike and both tires were flat. We filled the tires and I noticed a slow leak that seemed to be coming from the valve. We thought that we had fixed the problem and I went on to look for my helmet before I realized that I had given it (and my cable lock) to the daughter the last time she lived at home so that she could ride her bike. So that pretty much killed the ride for the day. Instead I took two naps since I haven't been sleeping well for the last week. Hmmmm...I wonder if it's all that Pepsi I've been drinking lately? duh.

Late this afternoon we finally went and got me a new helmet, some Slime tire sealant and tire irons. Of course, we had meant to get a cable lock to but forgot all about it. So I finally think I'm all set to ride tomorrow and I just happen to check my tires again because of the leak that I noticed earlier. Yep, the back tire was low after being filled to optimum levels earlier in the afternoon. So now I'm putting off changing/repairing the tube...hopefully tomorrow I'll get around to doing it after PT but if not it's gonna be a while before I use the bike on the trainer or on the road. meh.

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