Monday, November 28, 2011

Who's shopping Cyber Monday?

I am so, definitely, not a proponent of shopping Black Friday nor have I ever participated in Cyber Monday. I do have to admit that I do look at the sales flyers every once in a while but I rarely ever take any action on what I see...never in fact, in at least the last 10 years. However, as far as Cyber Monday, or the week that follows when many online retailer maintain special sale prices, goes this year I may end up participating at some point.  I just happened to check some online sites and found a couple of things that I need for Christmas presents (only buying for the kids this year, so a couple of things is literally my shopping list) at some fairly decent prices. I also found a couple of things that would be useful in the house, especially if we ever finish up the freakin' living room!! So, I may break down and do a little online shopping this year. Either way, I'll be done with Christmas shopping this week. Sounds like a, I just need to find our Christmas tree poster to put up to finish getting ready for the holiday! lol!! with a rambunctious canine. Joy.  ;-)

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