Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sidelined for 4 weeks...minimum

Ummm...yeah. So I went to my physical therapy appointment this morning and pretty much got the news that I had been dreading. I have to stop running completely for the next 4 weeks minimum. The findings by John, the therapist, pretty much confirmed what I had already determined for myself. Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) most likely caused by the tilting of the left side of my pelvic bone. Basically when you walk/run the pelvic bone on each side rotates just a tad with each step. My left side has essentially frozen in the forward position and locked in...PT will be to get it to loosen up and back to normal position. Leg length measurement showed a ¼" difference (minimum) with the right leg being shorter; remember before it was the left leg shorter by that was just a visual exam, this time a tape measure was used to get an accurate measurement using bony landmarks. Flexibility in my left leg was noticeably less than the right leg as well as a slight difference in muscle strength.

I'm restricted to non- or low-impact activities. Since I don't swim...long standing phobia based on a near drowning incident when I was 5 years old...that means only the elliptical, cycling or ARC trainer. John said that as therapy continues we'll try to add some moderate impact activities. That means no Zumba or running at all. Ugh. I also can't participate in my 12K Turkey Trot  on Thanksgiving Day nor my Reindeer Run 10K on December 1st. Hmmm...I'll contact the race organizer and see if I can switch to a walking category...that should be doable but I'll check with PT on Thursday to be sure. As far as the Tinkerbell Half Marathon at the end of January is a maybe for running but whatever happens I will at least be walking the race...no way I'm gonna work this hard and not participate!!

Yes, I am totally bummed, but I have to make the best of things. Gonna be working with my TNT coach on a new training plan and going to PT three times a week for the next four weeks with a re-evaluation on December 19th to see if things have resolved or not. So, I'm dusting off my bicycle and will begin doing some riding, dusting off the elliptical (which kicks my ass in less than 5 minutes) and doing whatever exercises that PT gives me to hopefully be ready to run at the end of January. Wish me luck!! I'm definitely gonna need it! *lé sigh*

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