Friday, November 11, 2011

A moment (or more) of gluttony

**Side Note: Oh buggers! (Reverting to my days living in England.) I fell asleep early last night and missed my blog post for the day, so here is my catch up!**

Well, last night I finished off the last of the Old Fisherman's Grotto clam chowder that I had made on Tuesday night. This is a recipe from the restaurant of the same name on Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey, California. I spent three days there last month to run the Big Sur River Run 10K (my very first 10K) and ended up eating at this place three times in as many days...well, actually two days because I had to go do the race on the third day then drive back up to Oakland. Anyway, it is THE best clam chowder anywhere...even better than stuff I had while in Boston! This recipe is very, very close to the restaurant's own should be, as it's supposed to be the actual recipe they use!

The recipe resulted in about 12 nearly two cup servings and I must confess that I ate 11 of those servings!! I finally finished the last two servings in one sitting last night, along with almost half a loaf of sourdough french bread. This morning I've awakened several times because my stomach wasn't very happy with me. Evidently eating that much (I think especially the bread) is not a good thing just before falling asleep...within 20 minutes of eating. I'm finally feeling better after my meal having made it's way through the digestive system.

So now I sit here wide awake anticipating my stress level to begin increasing in anticipation of my next big fundraising event on the 19th...a six hour Zumbathon. T-shirts to be ordered today and aside from filling goodie bags with the shirts I really think that that's all I need to stress about. Hopefully. So here I go to begin the day by having to clean the kitchen once again and at some point this morning throw together the crockpot BBQ chicken that I'm going to try for lunch. So farewell for now...

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