Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A conversation with my grand pup

I was in a sound sleep about 30 minutes ago when the little grand pup began "talking."   I thought that he just wanted someone to put him up on the bed but since he can jump up on his own I just ignored him. After about 5 minutes of him trying to get my attention, I finally rolled myself down to the end of the bed to lift him on the bed. That's when I realized that he was asking for help because the big grand pup was blocking his running path that he uses to give him the extra "ooomph!" to jump up on our rather high bed.

Now, you might be thinking, "Why is this blog worthy?" Well, I really don't know that it is...but when you have a little Shih Tzu litterally "talking" to you it can be a bit entertaining (if only I hadn't been so tired). I guess it was the intermingling of low voiced short grumbling growls (not a mean growling...more like a growl with a southern drawl), the punctuating low toned barks and the pitiful "Why me?" whines that interplayed within the 5-10 minutes or so that I tried to really ignore him. I can only imagine what was actually coming out of his mouth in human terms. Maybe something like this...

Charley: "Gramma...gramma...gramma..."
Me: "Shhhhhh!! No, I'm trying to sleep and grandpa's asleep! Be quiet!"
(A minute or so passes)
Charley: "Gramma...I want up on the bed...come on now, bring me up on the bed!"
Me: "You know how to get on the bed just do it!"
(Another minute or so pass)
Charley: "You don't love me anymore!! (whine) All I want is to go to sleep on the bed! (whine) Please, pleeeeeease let me up on the bed!"
Me: "Charley!! Stop that!! I'm tired!!"
Charley: "But Gramma!!! Gramma, look at me...See, Ricky's (my big 45# grand pup) blocking my launchpad!! I can't get on the bed!!"
Me: "Oh, OK, sorry. Come here..."
(Lifting Charley onto the bed.)
Charley: "Thanks grammy...ahhhhhhh!"
(As he curls up next to me and falls asleep.)

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  1. I love this! I have similar situations at bedtime also. Thanks for the smile so late at night.