Friday, November 4, 2011

I hate feeling stressed...

It's just past 5:30am right now. I'm not awake because I have a scheduled training run...I'm awake because I'm stressing out over the 5K fundraiser that I am organizing for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society/Team in Training. Been awake for over an hour. The event is tomorrow and I only have something like 13 people signed up on line. I'm hoping to get about 50+ at the event with most being same day registration. Another 5K a few weeks ago had about 66 show up, so I'm crossing my fingers that I'll get at least that many.

I have so much like I feel I need to do to prepare. I'm feeling a little behind the eight ball. Let's see...
  1. Get bottled water for post run.
  2. Get snacks for post run.
  3. Print extra copies of waivers.
  4. Print copies of registration forms.
  5. Pick up timing clocks from the base.
  6. Find some folding tables for registration/refreshments/packets/hydration station. 
  7. Set up finishing time grids/display.
  8. Pick up t-shirts...hopefully this afternoon.
  9. Figure out a way to do set up of the chute at the end of the race. Idea: Get cheap empty paint cans, fill with dirt or rock, get tall stakes and set them in the filled cans...use construction tape to make chute. Since I only need to worry about runners finishing times, I only need one chute that will be set up to force runners through an exit route to fill out cards.
  10. Make stringers for pull tabs.
  11. Ensure that finishing time recording is adequate. Using pull tabs, cards, computer & video.
  12. Gather things together for registration:
    • Pens
    • Sharpies
    • Safety pins
    • Put together participant bags
    • Colored dots 
I'm pretty sure that there are other things I'm probably forgetting right now, but hopefully I'll remember them during the day. Crossing my fingers that all comes out well! I think it's time to get ready and make a run to Wally World for the water and snackage...

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