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New blog name & update

So I've been absent from blogging the last couple of days. All of a sudden I just became worn out after the race on Sunday...a delayed fatigue I guess. But I'm back...with a new name and web address as well. I happened to do a search for my old blog name Musings of a Mouse and found that there were at least 4 other blogs with the same name! So I wanted a more unique name and thus Running of the Mouse (can be loosely interpreted as Running of the "Mouth" and is a play on the Running of the Bulls) was born. Please be sure to update the URL if you're following's now I'm still not in much of a blogging mood today, but I figured that I at least needed to update my 100 Days Challenge and food log. Earlier today I made the final post on my Team in Training fundraising/training page and so I think I'll just copy that over to this post as well. So here goes...

Below is my final post to my Team in Training fundraising/training page...13.1 Miles to Never Never Land.

Tinkerbell HM 2012 - COMPLETED!!

TNT New Mexico/El Paso
Inaugural Tinkerbell Half Marathon 2012
13.1 miles and still smiling!
I DID IT!! This past Sunday (1/29/12), I completed my first half marathon (inaugural Tinkerbell Half Marathon) with Team in Training. Thanks to all those who donated, participated in fundraising events and who cheered me on in person and in the virtual world that is our lives today. This was quite the experience and I don't mean only the running part. The support provided by the TNT coaches and staff from all over the country before and during the race was outstanding! The night before the race there is an Inspiration Dinner where we heard about the great work that the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and Team in Training (TNT) does. For this particular race there were 359 TNT participants who, together, raised $1 million for the fight against leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and myelodysplastic disorders!!! We heard from Mrs. California International whose platform is supporting the fight against leukemia & lymphoma...she shared stories of her father and brother who were both diagnosed and her brother currently is in treatment. A slide show was presented reminding us of all those that have lost the battle, who are still battling and those currently healthy and strong after treatment. And OH MY!! The welcome that the coaches, mentors and staff members gave us as we arrived at the dinner...can you say outrageous?!? lol! Cow bells, noisemakers, yelling, chanting, high fives and more!! How exciting (and a little intimidating) all at once!!

On race day you could see purple TNT jerseys/singlets everywhere! Whenever someone passed me/I passed them and had a TNT shirt matter which chapter...I yelled "GO TEAM!" Others did the same if they heard me and others, usually with earbuds in, not so much. But that's okay!! We were on the same team no matter what! One the sidelines throughout the race you'd catch the coaches in green TNT shirts. They'd run up to you..."Hi Beth! How're you doing? Do you need anything? Everything OK?" I was having the time of my life and told them all was fine, gave a few high fives and continued on my way. One of the most inspirational team members that I saw was a young lady who must have had a broken foot or ankle RUNNING in a walking know, those heavy clunky surgical boots that you are supposed to wear when the doctors don't want you to have much movement. She passed my running partner and I!! LOL! I ran up to her and told her that she was my hero...her answer was to point to the back of her shirt where she had the names of her honorees and said, "For them I can do anything! Just don't tell my doctor!" She was the BOMB!! That's her in the picture below, dead center.

I want to grow up and be just as dedicated as her!!
The spectators were great as well. Literally hundreds of men (including my husband), women and children holding up signs for specific TNTers and others just holding up general signs for TNT participants. The Red Hat Society showing up 300 strong and encouraging all runners. Funny signs like "Worst Parade Ever!", "Your going the wrong way!", "Smoking is for quitters. Keep running!", "If it was easy, I'd be doing it!", "You're almost there!!" (at mile 4!! LOL!) and "If you haven't pooped in your pants, you've already won!" (a reference to runners trots). Signs from survivors of leukemia, lymphom and myeloma thanking TNT participants for supporting them. It was just all so outstanding!!

Then to be able to run in Disneyland and California Adventures before opening, running through the backlots...I don't think I've ever gotten through an amusement part that fast in my life!! lol! The crews at both parks clapping and cheering, the characters at the sides with lines of people wanting to take pics with them (I didn't stop for pics since my phone camera has some serious lag time and I couldn't find my "real" camera plus I'm just not a character picture person anyway). It was a real Disney experience....especially since I haven't been to Disneyland in something like 15 years!

All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better first experience with TNT. Thanks to Coach Leah and Aisha and Barbara in the Albuquerque office!! You girls ROCK!! So, in my last post to this training blog...all I have to say is two words:


100 Days Challenge:

  • Day 32 (2/1)
    • 50 minute boot camp class
    • 50 minute Aqua Zumba class
    • 60 minute Zumba class
  • Day 33 (2/2)
    • 80 minute yoga class
    • 50 minute Zumba class (had to sit out 2 songs due to hip injury)
    • 2.88 mile walk/run in 39 minutes
What I Ate Today (and the past 2 days):
  • February 1st:
    • 1 pack of chicken Ramen
    • 1 bacon cheeseburger on homemade bun with grilled onions and grilled mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, ketchup (Baby J's Grille)
    • 2 cups tater tots
    • 16 oz Pepsi
    • 1 Bagel Thin 
    • 2 Tbsp cream cheese
  • February 2nd:
    • 2 packs of chicken Ramen
    • 12 oz water
           (Really this is all I ate yesterday!)
  • Today: (still being updated)
    • 1 bacon croissant sandwich (Weinerschitzel)
    • 1 hash brown pattie
    • 8 oz orange juice

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