Monday, February 27, 2012

Leap Year Day Running

Since this year is a leap year, I've been looking around for a run to do on February 29th. It's not that I have to have a reason to run, but running for a reason seems to make the runs more meaningful. So, there were no local area runs for the day but I did find two virtual runs that are both FREE!! Free is always good especially when I seem to keep adding races to my schedule that require travel and overnight stays instead of removing extra races!

The first race is being hosted by Erica at (LifeAsA)RunningMom blog. It's a simple 2.9 mile run/walk in honor of the date...February 29th. She's got a cool Google document/spreadsheet to record the results which is something that I'll need for an upcoming virtual race that I'll be hosting.

The second race that I'll do concurrently is the Run the World - One Day Run to benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities. While the race is free, they suggest making a donation to I will. This race is a virtual around the world relay beginning in Chicago. The goal is to cover 25,000 miles in a virtual race around the world in 24 hours. There is no set mileage but since I'll be doing the other race at least 2.9 miles is guaranteed!

Why not join me in celebrating this once every 4 year event by running or walking in either or both of these two events? Just click on the logos and follow the instructions to join. 

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