Friday, February 24, 2012

Am I ready?

Well, it's good to be back after a week long absence due to a killer cold. From last Thursday a week ago through this past Wednesday I was primarily in bed, moaning, groaning, coughing and choking. Things seemed to lighten up a little on Wednesday and I tried to do a 2 mile run (which turned into 1.88 miles because I missed a turn) that ended up feeling like I had run a marathon. I was so sore yesterday it wasn't funny. That was my only run since the virtual half marathon a week ago Tuesday. So, today I have enough energy to have done all the laundry, clean most of the kitchen and stay out of bed with the TV off for the majority of the day. I am by no means totally well, I'd say maybe 75-80% of normal, but at least I'm moving.

The bad news is that I have a half marathon tomorrow. It was going to be my attempt at a new PR but based on Wednesday's performance I am going to be far from a PR. I know that I'm going to be coughing and choking during the run, but I am determined to cross that finish line doing at least a walk/run...yeah...more walking than running. I considered for a while just skipping it, but I'm so hardheaded that I won't give in. Then I considered just downgrading to the 10K instead...but still my stubborness persists. I could just walk it, but what fun is that...not trying to see how far I can push myself and see what I'm really made of?? lol! Someone needs to knock some sense upside my head for me...not that a few haven't tried already! I haven't hydrated properly or carb loaded or heck, for that matter eaten properly for this race. I'll be surprised if I don't bonk early on...

Anyway, I just need to get a few things ready. Already got my race outfit picked out: new black and white running dress with a long sleeve tech shirt over it and black compression knee highs...hey, if I'm going to be sucking at my run, I might as well look cute doing it! So, there's not bling for this race (another reason I considered the 10K instead) so the run is just for me. It's race #2 in my quest to become a Half Fanatic club member and really the first half marathon that I could've really bit my teeth into. Oh well, there will be more races in the future...I'll just treat this as a training run for now. The important thing is to finish even if I'm the last one to do so!

100 Days Challenge:
I'm going to have to start over since I've missed so many days due to

What I Ate Today:

  • 1 thin cut broiled rib eye steak (~5 oz)
  • 1 small baked potato with 
    • 2 tsp I Can't Believe It's Not Butter 
    • 2 tsp sour cream
  • ¼ cup green beans
  • 4 cup cakes

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