Saturday, March 23, 2013

Race Recap: The Color Run 5K - Lubbock, TX

Race Date: Saturday, March 23, 2013
Race Location: Lubbock, TX

Wow! This was the first race, or rather fun run, that was within a decent driving distance from home. After a rough night with allergies and only a little over 2 hours of sleep I was up and at 'em getting ready to do a nearly 2 hour drive to Lubbock to get to The Color Run 5K which was an inaugural event for the area. The hubs and two local running/racing friends joined us for the trip which began at 5am MDT since we were losing an hour driving across the state line into Texas.
Race outfit, but I decided to wear the official
The Color Run 5K t-shirt on top of the tank.
We were on the road pretty much on time and a little worried about the weather since we had been getting wind advisories for a few days. As luck would have it the weather was perfect, just a tad chilly early on, and winds were pretty minimal for the area. We arrived in Lubbock to a line of traffic trying to get into the parking lot, so I followed my GPS instructions and we ended up parking on the street not too far from the parking lot where we'd have ended up parking anyway...without having to wait in line!

We made our way to the race area which was probably a good half mile walk. Packet pick up was way too easy in that there was absolutely no waiting line at all. We all had our packets in less than 5 minutes! We all changed into our shirts, some went to use the port-a-pots which had absolutely no lines at any of them and then we made our way to the start.

Pre-run: Jeff (my SRPIC), Teresa (my local running/racing friend), me and the hubs, Troy.
Walgreen's provided bottles of water at the start, but oddly enough there were no trash cans anywhere near the starting line so you can imagine the collection of bottles and other trash that began accumulating along the fence line. As the weather warmed up I discarded an old throwaway sweatshirt and gloves that I had brought to get read for the run to start. I was kind of disappointed the the energy level wasn't higher than it was, but as with any race/run it's what you make of it. Maybe it was just because I'm used to larger races now but whatever. My friend, Jeff and I danced around to the music, we all jumped for the freebies that were being thrown or shot out of an air cannon and basically just enjoyed ourselves as much as we wanted until the start at 9am.
The "corrals" to the rear of us...
We ended up being the 3rd or 4th wave out...
Color runners heading to the starting area...
The run was in an area park with the course consisting of nearly constant rolling hills. Teresa took the lead and was off (she's finished the Bataan Memorial Death March in 4th place in her division before and has finished a full before I even finished a half that started an hour later!) while Jeff and I took middle ground. The hubs started falling back so I told Jeff to go ahead and I waited to run/walk with the hubs. He then started having some issues with his shins and told me to to ahead so I reluctantly headed out at a comfortable pace interspersed with my intervals...usually consisting of walking up the hills and through the color stations. As I made my way through the different color stations I made sure to get up close and personal to the volunteers for a good dousing while raising my hands above my head to ensure good coverage.

I finished...having no idea of time or anything because I hadn't bothered to check the time when we started or when I finished...and waited for the hubs at the finish line. He came in a little bit after me and was fairly well covered in paint.

Photo of the yellow station through a Ziplock bag
used to protect my phone.
Waiting for the old man who thought I had a bloody nose
because I was sweating and had red paint on my face.
Post modern Color Run abstract.
Jeff and I post race.
Certainly an entertaining part (taken through a Ziplock bag)...
getting excess paint blown off with leaf blowers.
We met up with Teresa at our designated meeting place while Jeff met with some of his younger friends for a bit. Just as a note, there were supposed to be about 7K runners...when we left at 10:50am local time, they were just releasing the last of the runners to start! We headed down to the Festival area to take part in one of the color throws and then met back up with Jeff to head out for lunch at Texas Roadhouse. Unfortunately my phone's battery died during the run...stupid GPS eating the not any pics of the food. I had a great ribeye and baby back ribs combo with loaded mashed potatoes, buttered corn, 4 hot/fresh rolls and most of a plate of potato skins. I did end up taking the ribs and most of the sides home as leftover though...but the rib eye was done in a flash! We then stopped at Cake Cupcake Shop and I got a Snickerdoodle cupcake (courtesy of Teresa) which was delish! So not a good thing that I know where a good cupcake shop is now in both Amarillo and Lubbock!! Oy vey!

The weather for the race an the early part of our trip home was great. We left Jeff in Lubbock (on purpose) since he was going to stay with friends to go party like any normal 20 year old would do. The nearly 2 hour drive home looked mostly like this with strong winds...
Gotta thank a former student, Staci for this photo!
We did make it home safe although I had to have the hubs take over the driving about 30 miles from home since I was getting drowsy from only 2 hours of sleep the previous night.

UPDATE @ 11:06pm: 
Just a note...the powdered paint managed to get through my tutu and capris to my legs and through two shirts to my skin. I don't recommend holding your arms up as you go through the paint stations...I was able to scrub away most of the color except for some reason the paint in my underams (of all places) is really not coming off well. I'll have blue armpits for a few days! LOL!

What I liked about this race:
The fact that it wasn't a race, just a fun run. Haven't done one in a long while and the pressure of time was not a factor. Plus, it was just plain fun!! How often prior to this race had I been able to let loose and get crap thrown, sprayed or wiped all over me?? Not often enough!! lol!

What I didn't like about this race:

Would I be a wimp if I complained about the hills? lol! Ya'll know how much I dislike hills!! LOL!

Would I do this race again?
Definitely. Actually planning to do The Color Run in Amarillo in June and the Color Me Rad 5K in Lubbock in October. I so need to do more relaxing short runs just for fun!


  1. I like the idea of these types of runs, but I am concerned about breathing in the powder. I've been told that it is just colored cornstarch, but it can't be good for folks with respiratory issues. what's your take?

  2. Hi Amy. True, The powder is just colored cornstarch. They do recommend some sort of facial covering or a face mask, much like would be used for mowing the lawn if you have any respiratory issues. A bandanna tied around the lower face also works. I've had several running friends who have done The Color Run or Color Me Rad runs in various parts of the country who have asthma but none have had any respiratory issues related to them. If you use a bandanna, you might want to consider dampening it so that any powder does stick to the outside rather than move through the bandanna. You could always pull the bandanna down until just before the color stations just to make air movement a bit easier while you're actually running or walking.

    The volunteers are instructed not to throw/spray the powder in the face, but there's often a cloud of color at each station so it makes totally avoiding the paint impossible. You are not colored constantly through the run (unless by over eager spectators or runners that don't keep their color packets until the finish festival. The finish festival is probably the worst as part of the "painting" because you are at a party like environment in close quarters and they do a countdown and everyone lets loose of their colors at one time. You may want to be on the outskirts of that instead of in the dead middle or even skip it all together.

    I hope this helps and thank you for commenting.


    1. thanks so much Beth, Just to let you know... I found you through HF... glad i did.

  3. No problem Amy! Always happy to meet another HF!! :D