Friday, March 29, 2013

Product Review: SparkleSkirts SparkleTech Skorts

I don't run in shorts usually. I don't like them because I can hardly find any with a long enough inseam that prevents riding up of the legs leading to uncomfortable chafing. Nor do I like them because all the ones that I have tried have a tendency to bunch up in front and ride up so that I'm constantly pulling the legs down while I run. Another reason is because I suffer from Asian Butt Syndrome (ABS) a situation in which most Asians find themselves sorely lacking in the "baby got back" department.

My fix to this situation is to wear skorts, for those not in the know these are skirts with shorts built in underneath. Prior to finding SparkleSkirts and their SparkleTech skorts I used to prefer Brooks skorts. The silicone dots around the bottom of the legs to keep the shorts from riding up. But SparkleTech skorts just stay down of their own accord. No more pulling and tugging at the legs, in fact you have a 100% guarantee that will not hike up on the legs.  And with an inseam of 6" these are the perfect length to prevent chafing for those of us who still have to work on that inner thigh area. These are the only skorts that I'll wear for races now. I still occasionally wear my other skirts while training but the SparkleSkirts are always at races whenever skirts are appropriate. Here are a few samples of the skorts:

The top "Minnie" skirt has been replaced with a brighter red and smaller dots,
 the middle is "Disco" and has some sparkle to it but no too much and
the bottom is a slim cut skirt "Fantasy." With the slim skirts occasionally
 the shorts may be longer than the skirt but you can adjust the shorts
to go higher and still not have problems with riding up!
This is a side view of the shorts underneath.
Inseam of 6" and can be worn with the pocket in back if needed.
One of the key points is the pockets in these skorts. There are a total of 3 pockets with the first being in the waistband with an approximate zipper length of 5 1/2 inches, however the pocket extends from side seam to side seam at a total length of about 12" on a large skirt. You also have two additional pockets on the side of each let measuring approximately 5" x 5". This is big enough to carry a Samsung Note II fauxcell (cell/tablet combo) which is roughly 6" x 5.5". The snugness of the pockets will keep just about anything securely in place. Depending on the design on the skort you can even turn the skort around and wear the pocket in the back if you prefer it that way! I have gone from using a hydration belt to only carrying a hand held bottle and everything else fits in my skort pockets for half marathons.

Waistband zipper.
Left side of waistband pocket.
Right side of waistband pocket.
Measurement of the size pockets.

The material is wicking and there are two different cuts...the original full skirt and a slim cut. My preference is the slim cut but most of the skorts I have are the full cut. There are a variety of colors and prints to choose from. Like the name suggests a lot of these are sparkly with sequins or textured fabric. A lot of the colors work well for or are specifially made for runDisney races.

I believe in this product so much that I own 10 skorts plus a pair of their MuddBuster capris which I'll talk about sometime later. So, if you have some free time and haven't been to their website before be sure to stop at SparkleSkirt. Take a look at their full inventory including cover skirts (SparkleSkirts), shorts (no skirt), Commando skirts (SparkleTech skirts without shorts) and theire MuddBuster capris and shorts (made specifically for mud runs/obstacle courses). They also have accessories like arm sleeves and headbands available.

Disclaimer: I have received no restitution for this post. I simply love theses SparkleTech skirts. I love them so much that I try to work for them at Disney races that I attend. The company owners, Leah and Tom, are usually at all the Disney expos and Virginia Beach Shamrock Marathon.


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  2. Great review. Unfortunately this is going to cause me to spend money. I saw your post retweeted by running bloggers.

    1. I'll use the Twitter #sorrynotsorry here! LOL!! They really are worth the money!! :D Thanks for commenting and when you get one (or some) let me know what you think! :)