Thursday, March 28, 2013

Motivation...I got it back!!

Wednesday I found out that I had gotten a guaranteed entry into the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) through Team Red, White & Blue and the Allied Forces Foundation. I can't tell you how happy I was to get this news. I didn't have to go through the stress of the MCM especially considering the IT problems they had during registration. You see, MCM had been on my race radar almost since I started running. Because I am a disabled vet, I love to participate in races with a military theme and you can't get much more military than the Marines! Sorry, Air Force...I still love you but...
Back in 2011 my motivator was to complete my first half marathon at TinkerBell Half Marathon. After that I was aiming to reach the highest level in the Half Fanatics, but became seriously ill with a bipolar flare up of my depressive symptoms in late spring 2012. In recent months since my bipolar disorder has been somewhat stable, I just haven't had the drive to run or train in any way. Things seemed to take a 180° turn after I got accepted into the program. All of a sudden I wanted to run again. I wanted to train. I wanted to get deeply into CrossFit. I want to fix the flat on my bike so I can start riding everywhere in town when I can instead of driving. I want to be ready for this race.

I have multiple races coming up from half marathons, obstacle/mud races, 5Ks and fun runs before this race even happens in October. I will most likely be going home to California in June to do either the Wipro San Francisco Marathon or Tracy's Fat Ass Marathon so I can see some running friends I have from Disney races and to mark California off my states for when I join the Marathon Maniacs. Doing the race in June would qualify me for the Maniacs after my full marathon in Alaska in August.

While I have the drive specifically for MCM training it's definitely going to step up my game for all the races coming before it. Heck, hopefully I'll even start the Spartan races and Tough Mudder with a great attitude of believing that I'll kick ass instead of being a nervous wreck. So I have the Marine Corps Marathon as my motivation...What is your motivation?


  1. Music motivates me..MCM I'm jealous and excited for you. (off topic) Even on my med some days during the week I am depressed is that normal?

    1. Thanks for commenting Caroline. I'm actually trying to get away with no music when I can especially since I'll probably be so slow that my MotoACTV or phone will die before I finish!! I've emailed you...or at least it went through about the other matter, but yes, it's still possible to have depressive episodes while on meds. I'll talk with you soon!! Keep your head up and take it one day at a time as slowly as you need to! I'm with you in spirit!

  2. Congrats on your MCM entry! My next half marathon and helping my husband train motivates me.

  3. I'm supposed to be training my husband who is doing his first run/walk half marathon at OKC, but he was fighting me every inch of the way. He's the one who wanted to sign up and I've scaled back from the full to do it with him but I think he's going to end up walking it while I want to get a decent time so I can judge how I'd do in a full. It's kind of exasperating! He's just going to have to do what he least he should be able to get it done before the cut off even if he just walks. Thanks for commenting! :D