Saturday, March 24, 2012

Since I can't sleep...

Well, it's 2:21AM. I should be fast asleep so that I can drive nearly four hours to Albuquerque to catch my flight to Tucson. Instead I'm dealing with this blasted insomnia...again. I started taking a delayed release melatonin tablet this week but it's only worked off and on. I didn't want to take it tonight because I didn't want to be groggy for the drive. Well...that may happen anyway. I need to stop and get some hot chocolate somewhere. Actually, I can just make it here as I have some disposable cups that I can use.

I'm heading to Tucson for the Arizona Distance Classic Half Marathon. This is going to be the first in a string of half marathons that I will be doing to work my way up the Half Fanatics ladder. I have to admit that I'm a little worried about this race because there are "rolling hills" and since I live in the flat desert, I don't have much experience with hills. As a running friend pointed out, the elevation chart only indicates a 1.23% it really shouldn't be that bad, right? I did buy a cool shirt though...with this shirt I don't have to wear the paper race bib! :)

Race bib printed on front of shirt.
Saying on back of shirt.
Next weekend will be my first "double" or two half marathons in two days. I'll be interested in seeing how that works but at least I know that the courses are both flat as a pancake so no hills to worry about there. I do, however, have a 3+ hour drive to get to the first race in Midland, TX and then right after running the half marathon I'll have a 6+ hour drive to get to the second marathon in Ardmore, OK. If I successfully complete these races, I'll move up 4 levels in the Half Fanatics ladder! Woohoo!!

Well, I'm finally starting to feel a little tired. Of course, I have only 45 minutes before I need to start getting ready and hit the road...story of my life. This is gonna be a long weekend since I'll have to wake up early Sunday (around 4am) for the race since the yoga warm-up starts at 6am and the venue is about an hour from Davis -Monthan AFB where I'm staying. Then on Monday, I'll have to get up around 3am to get ready for my 6am flight back to New Mexico. Oh joy. Well, good night, I mean good morning. I'm gonna try to get a few minutes of shut eye!

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