Tuesday, March 27, 2012

AZ Distance Classic, Pt 3: Meeting the Future Daughter-In-Law

While my first reason to go to Arizona was to run the Distance Classic a secondary reason was to meet my son's fiance. I had met her in passing only a couple of times before they moved to Tempe. You have to understand that as kids I teased the son and daughter about boyfriends and girlfriends thus I rarely met anyone that they were dating. Anyway, they officially got engaged late last month and the timing was just right that they could come down and meet me in Tucson.

I'm happy to say that they seem to be a good fit for each other and that oddly enough she and I share some pretty close views on things such as cooking, being on the messy side as compared to the son's neat freak side, preferring to camp with a trailer/RV versus tenting, etc. You know, the important things. lol! Conversation never seemed forced and I was able to openly joke about how to keep the boy in line...you know..."Just give me a call and I'll reach through the phone line to smack him upside the head."

We all had a really nice day visiting Biosphere 2 (pretty cool...especially for the science geek in us), eating lunch at Joe's Crab Shack and dinner at Sushi on Oracle (highly recommended if you're in the Tucson area...the place is tiny, try to get there before the rush). It was really quite a quick visit but it was nice having a cheering section for the race and people to hang out with for the last half of the day.

We parted ways around 7pm...the boy will hug his mom but he won't give me a kiss on the cheek unless I keep at him...which I do just to be a pain!! lol!! And he's supposed to be a momma's boy...hmmmmph. Well wishes all around and a hug for the future DIL and they were off for the hour or so trip to Tempe.

As for me it was back up to the room to pack, play on Facebook and try to get some sleep before my 6:10am flight to Albuquerque. I did manage to fall asleep around 10:30pm or so but 3:30am comes awful quick! I'd like to say that the morning was uneventful but I left the base at 4:30am and what should have taken 20 minutes to get to the airport ended up closer to an hour since I got lost after my GPS lost the signal. Grrrr. I always seem to get lost when I rent a car and it's time to return it!! I made it to my flight with a little time to spare so no big drama there. Just glad to be home for a few days before leaving for my double in Midland, TX and Ardmore, OK on Friday. Hmmmm...2 back to back races...at least they are pancake flat!!! lol!

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