Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Photo Blog: The Xpress Half Marathon

The Xpress HM was my third official half marathon (I have a virtual marathon that doesn't count as "official"). This was a fairly flat course aside from one small hill to go up and down at a little over mile 5 and on the return trip around mile 8. Just past mile 9, at the turnoff, the trail changed to packed gravel until just before mile 11 when we began retracing the route again. This was the inaugural running of the race. There were roughly 65 runners total for the half marathon and roughly 67 for the 5K.

The Xpress Half Marathon

The Xpress Half Marathon

13.1 miles / 21.0824064 km
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Staging area at around 7:50am.

The starting line.

The first part of the run was on the roads of Barnett Road and Lake Shore Drive.
This is just past water stop at mile 2.3 as we started on the actual Lake Wichita Trail system.

Probably around mile 3.

Forward view at about mile 3.

On the return trip somewhere around mile 8, just coming up off a small hill.
This is what it looks like being 4th from the last! lol!

Approximately mile 9, if I remember correctly.

At the finish with my bling.

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