Thursday, March 15, 2012

My first running dream

My sleep last night was rather interesting. First off at about midnight, I was still wide awake playing on Facebook, I began having a hypoglycemic episode. Broke out into a sweat, blurred vision, light nausea, slightly disoriented, etc. It's been a long while since I've had an episode...months to a couple of years, literally. A couple of tablespoons of honey for a quick pick me up plus a really late  second dinner (I had eaten a Big Fish sandwich and a total of 3 cola ICEES around 7pm) of french bread pepperoni pizza and a nice big glass of milk got my sugars back to normal. Typically a serious lack of sleep, something I've been having to deal with for the last few weeks - sleeping only 3-4 hours per night if I'm lucky - contributes to my episodes; but now that I read that "3 cola ICEES" statement it may have not been a true  hypoglycemic episode but a sudden sugar crash from all that sugar and ice. Hmmm...Once I stabilized after about 30 minutes I went to bed and I guess fell asleep fairly quickly, something I haven't done in weeks.

I don't often have vivid dreams and I don't know if it was because of my blood sugar situation or what but I had a doozy of a dream last night. Now, keep in mind that many of my new running friends from the Tinkerbell Half Marathon had mentioned that they were having pre-race running dreams. I didn't have any...haven't had any with any of the races before or after Tink. This dream last night was my very first running dream. So this is what happened...

I'm in my hometown in California to run a marathon, as far as I know there's never been a marathon there. We're at the waterfront waiting for the race to start and I'm all geared up except for my running shoes, I just have my battered slippers on. As race time approaches, I go to the car to put on my shoes only to find that I didn't have them. My hometown doesn't have any running specialty stores and it's too late to go buy a pair anyway because the race is about to start. This is my first full marathon and there was no way I was going to miss it! I make the decision to run the race in my slippers. What? I know, I have no idea why other than the fact that I didn't have my shoes with me. So, the race starts and as usual I'm at the back of the back half of the pack. I make it past the waterfront and we head towards one of the hills near the downtown area. This first hill is fairly steep and my feet hurt running in the slippers, my IT band is yelling at me and I'm just plain tired. It's less than or about  2 miles into the race. As I struggle up the hill I decide that it isn't worth it anymore and start knocking on people's doors. Someone finally let's me in and I just hang out at some total stranger's house for hours (a marathon for me would take probably 5-6 hours). Finally, my husband comes knocking on the door looking for me...about 7-8 hours after the race started. I don't know how he knew which house I was in. And, that's basically where the dream ended.

My "running" slippers.
Now, I can sit here an analyze this dream but I really won't; just know for the last several nights I've been playing around with a new race schedule, setting a new goal, training for my next half in 9 days, worrying about the hills I'm going to encounter at this next race, thinking about starting full marathon training in the next couple of months, etc. You can probably see where I'm going with this...

So, have you had any strange running dreams? Do tell...

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