Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just Call Me...Grace

This month has been a heck of a month for me regarding injuries. No, not running injuries but things that I manage to do just because I'm clumsy and uncoordinated at times. I'm not the most graceful person out there, but even I recognize when the clumsiness has gotten out of hand. Let's see what I've done so far...

I've gotten multiple bruises on my thighs from walking into the corners of the dog gates we have around the house...metal gates with a hinged door. Plus walking into the dog steps that I put in my bedroom so I could vacuum them (covered in carpeting) and resulting in a broken toe. Then walking into the same set of steps trying to worsen the broken toe. Today the hubs and I were going to lunch at the local Mediterranean restaurant and I managed to catch the curb with my foot and fell face down onto the sidewalk. Not only did I hit both knees hard but my palms also took part of the hit as I tried to save myself. The hit on my right knee has resulted in a tingling sensation down the inside of my shin and to the arch and ending at the middle of the great toe and first toe. My phone, however, was the most damaged of all as it also fell face first onto the sidewalk sufficiently shattering the screen. Then, to top everything off I tried to trip over the same sidewalk but managed to catch myself so no fall ensued.

Since I'm getting ready to travel tomorrow and the fact that the insurance deductible has gone up to $99, I put some packing tape on it and will use it like that for a while. It's a bit ghetto but it works.

The other victim of my fall today.
I'm just wondering what I can do to myself between now and the end of the month. Oh wait, I'm going to a Spartan Beast race this weekend...that'll give me plenty of opportunity to injure myself again before the end of the month. Yay.

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