Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm Streaking!!!

So, how many of you are doing the Runner's World Summer Run Streak? Run streak? What's that you say?'s not running naked... Runners World (yes, the magazine) holds different run streaks during the year. Basically they set a date to start and finish...for example for the summer run streak you must run at least one mile every day from Memorial Day to July 4th; some of us crazies have extended that to Labor Day! So there are those days that you don't wan to to run, but you force yourself to get out there because you don't want to break your streak. So far we're on day 14 and my run for the day is completed.

I'm teaming up with an online running friend to keep each other accountable. One of us will usually post our mileage for the day and then the other has to reply. Seems to working well for both of us so far.

Have you joined the movement? Are you running just the 1 mile daily or are you doing more? Good luck if you've joined in on the fun!!

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