Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Race Recap: Hula Hustle 10K - My first DNF

Race Day: Saturday, April 13, 2013
Location: Ned Houk Park, Clovis, NM

This race was a local fundraiser for the March of Dimes. I had registered a week or two prior, but on race day I just wasn't feeling the run. I kept saying that I should probably just pick up my packet and bib and then just sit out the race. I was familiar with the course as I had run/walked it several times during training. It included some of the only hills in town (I hate hills!) and a section of cracked, dry rutted dirt road. I knew that I would be walking up the hills running the flats and downhills, but when it came to the dirt road I knew way ahead of time that I would have trouble. I don't do well on trails of any kind unless they are flat and fairly well groomed with packed rocks/pebbles. This section was not like that. 

Let me preface this by saying that at my half marathons I typically use KT Tape to stabilize my ankles because they are so weak from spraining them so many times when I was a kid. On the day of the race I had forgotten to grab my ankle supports that I was going to use since it was only a 10K. First bad choice. Second bad choice was to try to run on this short section of  "trail." I should have known better. Just over half way down the section I rolled my right ankle. I was able to maintain minimal weight bearing on it, but I also had to think of the fact that in 2 weeks I'd be doing the Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon. It was almost an immediate decision to take the DNF because I didn't want to worsen the injury. 

I hobbled back to the start, told the time keeper that I would be taking a DNF...and because it was a local event she had to ask what a DNF was. I explained the concept of "Did Not Finish" and the reason that I was taking the DNF. I then hobbled back to our club's meeting area to ice and elevate my foot while I waited for the rest of the group to finish.

You'd think that I'd be upset with my first DNF but I'm not. I knew it would happen someday and I was just glad it wasn't at a major race, especially with my first full marathons happening this summer. If I was to DNF at one of those I would be totally devastated. At least I started the race so as the saying goes...DLF>DNF>DNS (for those unfamiliar with this it means "Dead Last Finish beats Did Not Finish beats Did Not Start). I had multiple DNS's last spring and summer due to an exacerbation of my bipolar symptoms...actually 9 half marathon DNS's. At least I don't have a DNS in 2013 yet. I would have been a DLF once I saw the field at the 10K but if I could've I would have continued, but I have OKC to prep for so healing for that race was my priority. My DNF is of little consequence at this point. Such is the life of a runner!! :)

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