Monday, April 1, 2013

Product Review: The Handana

One of my running friends bought me a couple of Handanas at the Princess Half Marathon Fit for a Princess Expo in February. I had seen these online and I think in one of the running magazines and was intrigued but was hesitant to order one since I wasn't sure of the sizing. At the expo we were able to try them on and decide on which size felt better. I ended up getting mediums which feel perfect...not so tight on the hand and with a little extra room around the wrist. The small just seemed to fit tighter overall.

Anyway I tried one of the Handanas during the Princess Half Marathon because it was so humid and I'm not one who likes to mix humidity and sweat. I was thoroughly impressed on how well this worked. In the past I had either carried a washcloth which could be a pain if you have to make an emergency stop in a porta-pot...I don't know how many washcloths I've dropped on the floor and just left because...well, you don't know what's on the floor! I've also used terry wristbands, remember those from the 70's? While those did an okay job it could be difficult to get the opposite side of your face if you were sweating quite a bit.

With the Handana you literally just use the palm of your hand if you want to wipe your face or just the back of your hand if you desire. Also these are wicking material so it tends to pull away the sweat and can dry relatively quickly depending on how frequently it's used. Another thing it's great for are those days where you have a cold with a runny nose. Now, I haven't perfected the farmer's blow (AKA snot rocket) and when I carry tissues they eventually become unusable because the get wet with sweat or fall when I try to get them out of my waist pack. The Handana allows you to, somewhat, discreetly wipe your nose much like kids use their sleeves to do the same thing.

As far as I can tell there is no right or wrong way
to wear these. You can wear them on either
hand, Just put your thumb through
thethumb hole and you're set.

When wearing the Handana it's really easy to forget it's there. It's very comfortable and in my own opinion, much easier than any other product for mopping up sweat. In fact whenever I have a long run I don't leave home without one. That's going to be especially so during the warmer spring and hot summer months. So give them a try. You can see the Handanas on their website:

DISCLAIMER:  I did not receive any compensation from Handana for this review. The four Handanas were purchased either by myself or my friend. I just love this product that I felt that getting the word out about them was a good idea.

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