Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Yes, I am still around...

Hi All! Nope, I haven't fallen off the edge of the Earth or anything, just haven't been in much of a writing mood as of late. Things happen, life gets in the way and yes, laziness and complacency do have an effect. Let me try to catch you up on a little of what's been going on...that is unless you follow me on Facebook then you know what has been happening these past 3 months.

After the Center of the Nation Series I ended up in that walking boot pictured in this post for just about 6 weeks with a stress fracture to my ankle. Needless to say there was little of anything going gym time, no elliptical time and definitely no run/walking. I gained around 20 pounds during that time and got pretty darned close to my lifetime max weight.

A week after getting the boot off I decided to try to complete the Route 66 Marathon (yes, the full 26.2 miles) but that wasn't going to happen between 14°F, wind, cold and ankle pain...but more in that when I catch up on my race blogs. The next race up was the Space Coast Marathon where I was initially going to do the full but ended up dropping back to the half. Again, another story for another race blog. Then last month I did my third TinkerBell Half Marathon during which my younger sister and I made a sister's weekend out of the trip...yes, another blog post. And finally, what will be my last blog post to catch up on would be my second Arizona Spartan Sprint which I did with my husband for his very first obstacle race. These posts will come along as I decide I want to write and start playing catch up. My goal is to have them done before my next race on March 23, my second Bataan Memorial Death March.

I've also started back to school just taking a couple of classes that interest me to make better use of my time. No degree planned, just things that interest me. Right now it's an online Kinesiology course and a Training Theory course mostly because at some point I want to begin a Galloway Program here in town and I feel the more informed I am the better.

I also became a Beachbody know Beachbody...they have infomercials for Focus T25, PX903, Brazil Butt Lift amongst other workout programs. I haven't been to active in doing this as of yet, but I do plan to jump full bore in soon after I get some things in life straight (read as not being lazy). But, if you do have anyquestions about Shakeology or any of the programs I can get you the answers.

Now, going back to the whole weight gain issue...I came to the realization of the Spartan Sprint as to how much more out of shape and overweight I had become since my injury so I started an accountability page on Facebook so if you want to follow me there you can check it out at Beth's Return to Fitness. Basically I fess up to what I've done or failed to do and report on how things are going fitness/healthwise for me.

Well, enough of this. Thanks for hanging around and I'll try to get back on the ball again real soon!

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