Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Frenzy

Well, it's happened again. A runDisney race has sold out within days of opening to the general public. The Tinker Bell Half Marathon...the very first half marathon I ever did...has sold out within 66 hours of opening registration to the general public.

2013 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Medal
In the past it has taken a month or more by my recollection, granted it has only been run twice so far. The craziness that ensues prior to the actual public registration opening starts with the pre-registration that occurred during the Princess Half Marathon after the announcement of a new pink/purple Coast to Coast (C2C) medal. IMHO the medal is nowhere near as pretty as the traditional blue C2C medal, it really didn't excite me at all. Maybe it's because I just ran that same combination of races this year, but I just had no urge to spend the extra dough to run the same two races again.

Special 2014 Coast to Coast (Tinker Bell HM + Princess HM) Medal.
Next in the mayhem came the annual passholders pre-registration. These people, who pay a pretty penny for annual passes at differing levels get to pre-register a few days ahead of the general public. It's usually at this point that registration URLs get leaked to the general public and chaos ensues. Some people go ahead and use the leaked links. Others, wary of any ramification, wait until the minute that general registration opens.

On the Tink HM Facebook group that I belong to we are constantly watching the percentages for the registration status for the race. I usually post on a regular basis a photo of the current stats but this morning at 6am after I had posted that the runDisney site still had registration at 95% sold out I found out, and confirmed, that the half marathon was indeed sold out at the latest by 3am today. It took several hours for the runDisney website to update to the correct numbers.

So, to those of you who weren't able to get registered, I'm sorry. There are still charity spots and travel group spots left so you still have options. To those of us that got in HOORAY!! I'll see ya'll at Disneyland in January!! :D

Photo Timeline...

Approx 3pm MT 7/9/13, 6 hrs after registration opened.
Stats as of 7/10/13 at 1:30pm MT.
Stats 7/10/13 at 2:45pm MT. 
Active registration website 7/11/13 at 6:10am.
I was told this appeared around 3am CT.
Stats as of 7/11/13 approx 6:20am MT runDisney updated their website.
Did you get in? Did you even try? Did you not get in? If not, what are you plans...skip it or got the charity or travel group route?

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