Monday, May 27, 2013

Clovis Area Run/Walk Club Meetup: Memorial Day Flag Run/Walk

A few days ago I posted about organizing a last minute ( a few days warning) Memorial Day flag run similar to what I had done the day after the Boston Marathon bombing. My goal was to have a group of runners and walkers participate rather than being a lone runner and to do something physical to remember those we have given their lives and those who are still serving. I wasn't disappointed.

We live in a small city and you really don't see very many runners out here. For this even we had a nice turnout of 14 people from my USAF retiree husband, myself (an 80's era vet), currently active duty USAF, spouses, friends, family and even a K9 supporter! :) Here's our group for Memorial Day...hopefully we'll see them on a regular basis!

We hit a slight snag at 7am for the initial meetup because I had stated meeting at the "spa store" which in my mind I saw as the local pool/spa store at the corner of the parking lot where we were meeting. I had forgotten that there had been an actual spa in the shopping center and when no one showed up I realized that they may be there, so I jogged up and sure enough found everyone waiting. We broke up into 3 groups...walkers who were led by my husband, slower runners or run/walkers led by myself and faster runners who were led by my friend, Teresa, each with a large flag and some with smaller flags as well. We all wore, without planning it, either red, white and blue or military related shirts...that was pretty cool!  We got started with the walkers doing a 1.5 mile walk, my group doing a ~5K and the faster runners going off in another direction...I never did find out how far they had traveled, I'm guessing probably 5 miles or so.

Pace group >10 min/mile (my group). There were only the two of us!
Photo courtesy of Meaghan (bottom left). 
I was happy with this turnout considering that most of our meetups, other than the post Boston meetup, usually has 5 or less participants. We had a nice turnout of about 29 at our #RunnersUnitedforBoston meetup.  Thanks all for coming out!

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