Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TinkerBell 2013: I'm In!!

Today was the opening of registration for the second annual TinkerBell Half Marathon at the Disneyland Resort on Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend in January 2013. The craziness has been building for the past few weeks amongst us Tink veterans hoping for legacy status in 2016. Countdowns started weeks ahead of time, I personally posted two hour, one hour and "x" minutes posts on the TinkerBell HM Facebook group this morning.

A couple of us found that registration actually opened just a few minutes before the scheduled 10am MT start time and posts of "I'M IN" started popping up on the group. Discussions of where everyone is planning to stay, people (including me) changing hotel reservations to be closer to others in the group. Planning beginning 6 months ahead for the group meetup. A few discussions on costumes popping up. Who knows what other craziness will ensue in the next few months?!

What race have you been ├╝ber excited about and to what extent??

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