Monday, May 21, 2012

Race Recap: FMB Southwest HM

Race Day - 5/6/12

Today was an early start with us having to check out at 4:30am to make the 1+ hour drive to the start of the FMB Southwest HM. Once we arrived after having to figure out how to get to the parking/starting area the daughter stayed in the car to sleep while I checking and got my packet and finished getting ready for the race.

Thankfully the weather was cooperating for the day. Although it was cool and a bit humid (something I'm not used to) I was fairly comfortable. I met another future (this was her qualifying race) Half Fanatic/Bling Whore sister, Susan, and her husband at the starting line...talked running for a while before I headed to the back of the starting pack (yes, I know where I belong...not at the front!) to await the gun.

The course is a beautiful run along Route 83 which is closed for race so the only traffic that is present is from race vehicles...mostly police cruisers. As the race started we left Memorial Park and ran through a mostly medically related business area before running through a slightly more residential portion. As the course left town, the route was a 2 lane, tree lined road. The area was green and plush although I did have a heck of a time having to occasionally swat at gnats or some other little insects throughout the run. I think this was mostly due to the humidity...something I don't deal with frequently or well. The road just seemed to go on and on with some low to very moderate hills...nothing I could really complain about. We crossed the overpass above Rte 45 during which someone on the highway below started blowing their horn and waving as they saw runners crossing above them. We continued on our way on the course which seemed like it was straight most of the way with only a few curves that were so extended in length that you didn't even know you were on a curve. At the halfway point on the out-and-back route we made the turn in the parking lot of Camp Sagawau before going back the way we came. At points in the run you could see the river or the nearby interstate but for the most part it was trees, trees and more trees although it wasn't necessarily a shaded run.

Yet again...going the wrong way!
I was so tired, worn out during this run that I think I began walking around mile 7 with only short jogs thereafter. Another female, fully geared out Half Fanatic ran up to me at around mile 8 or 9 and we talked awhile and maybe walked together for a mile before she took off running again. I can't remember her name, but I do remember that she was from Illinois and was surprised by the humidity as well. When I did run I started counting my steps as a way of doing intervals just to break the boredom...200 steps running then 100 steps walking. I did this for awhile then just started walking only at mile 11 or so. I didn't start running again until about a quarter mile from the finish line! Between just being tired and the family drama of the night before I was just glad to finish. After picking up my medal I just hung around the finish area for a bit and then headed back to the car to change and hit the road for the 5 hour drive back to my cousin's house in southern Illinois.

What I liked about this race: No pressure race, simple course, nice bling (finisher's medal).

What I didn't like about this race: Since it was out and back the scenery was repetitive...trees almost anywhere you looked, very little change in scenery. The little insects drove me crazy as well.

Would I do this race again? Probably, but I'm not in any hurry to do so just because of the limited scenery.

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